I love online shopping and stumbling across what looks to be a great deal always finds its way into my cart one day or another. I wanted to start a small series where I review products that I’ve found and bought from Ebay or Amazon as I love watching these types of videos on youtube and find them really interesting. I bought this all matte palette a while now, May 3rd, for £1.77 + free postage, and thought this would be a good starting point for this little series. Today, May 21st, I received this in the mail and couldn’t wait to start testing it out and writing about it.

It was wrapped really good and came all in one piece with no marks or little dents which was great, especially since it was coming from a different country. The actual palette’s packaging is a little disappointing as it feels like it’s made out of a really cheap plastic and the magnets that hold the lid in place aren’t really that strong and it means it will open without much force, but if you store it in the box, I don’t think it will be that much of a problem. If you plan to depot the eyeshadows, it would be fairly easy as they are held and glued into a thin plastic try. To put the shadows into size, they are a little bit bigger than MAC pan eyeshadows and are roughly the same depth. Also, it doesn’t have a mirror which doesn’t really bother me but could cause a problem when travelling.

MAC on the right>

The quality of the eyeshadows are hit and miss for me as I've found that some either swatch only to look the same as others or are really chalky. They build up fairly well and blend great. I would say that some, like the white and the black, would benefit from using something like Fix + to intensify the colour. As for the longevity of the product, I don’t know as I've only swatched them on my hands and wiped them off straight away but if you would like an update on that, I would love to do that for you.



Top row

Middle row

Bottom row


Overall, I think you definitely get what you pay for with this palette but I think it would be great as a starter palette or for a beginner as they all blend really easily and there are multiple looks you could achieve. Because of the packaging, I wouldn’t recommend this palette for travelling as it has no mirror and the closure system doesn’t really feel that secure to have loose without having it in its box. It’s not a regret as I think I will definitely get a lot of use out of it despite its pigmentation.


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Published by Aimee Louise Smith