Whenever I walk into a store and I see a section of books, there is no way for me to resist spending at least 10 minutes browsing through them. This is how I came across one of Kim Boykin's other books one day and decided I needed to read more of her great stories. 

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How can you make up for something that you did as a kid that was both so stupid and so terrible, forty years later it still follows you like a pack of lost dogs? For Billie Warren, it means piling up more and more responsibilities, doing good for the community as the police chief of her Lowcountry hometown. Trying to be the best mother of a teen mom, and daughter to her mom with Alzheimer's, that she can be.

But Billie's fragile life is thrown into turmoil when the target of her biggest regret, Crazy Sadie, shows up claiming to have witnessed the only murder in the town's history. Sadie Byrd accuses the nearly dead and sainted Judge Norris of savagely beating his own little girl to death forty years ago. Could Miss Sadie be right? As Billie uncovers the terrible truth of stolen babies and bone-chilling corruption, she will have to risk everything when powerful people are prepared to do anything to keep buried.


Echoes of Mercy is set in South Carolina and having grown up in the south myself, it was easy to fall into the small southern town of Stanton. Billie is an independent woman who cares deeply about those around her risks her career to help Crazy Sadie and find out the truth about what happened to Caroline Norris. I felt bad for Billie throughout the book because it seemed like she could never catch a break and always had way too much on her shoulders. 

Crazy Sadie was a heartbreaking character. No woman should have to go through what she did in her life. Even after all she went through Sadie surprised me with her strength when it came down to finding justice for Caroline and redemption for herself, even though she was risking her freedom by returning to Stanton.

The mystery of what really happened to Caroline Norris and where Crazy Sadie's children ended up drew me in and kept me reading until late in the night. I have always known in the back of my mind that there is a black market for selling babies and illegal adoptions, but Sadie's character made me realize how terrible it can be. Reading about how a woman could be manipulated, abused, and forced into having 10 children, so her husband could get a paid for selling them was horrendous. 

I definitely recommend reading Echoes of Mercy if you enjoy a good mystery. If you have read Echoes of Mercy what did you think?

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