When you are ready to start recycling and reducing your impact, you need to remember that changing your lifestyle takes a lot of work. Most people who start a big shift in their lifestyle need to change more 

than just their water filter and using recycled paper bags at the grocery store. There are a few things you can do below that are good for you and good for the planet. Plus, they are so simple to do that you might not have even thought of them before. 

Use Recycled Handbags 

You can get recycled full color bags that are just as much fun as the bags that you would have spent a lot of money on. These are fun shopping bags and even handbags that you could carry when you are going out on the town. Because of this, you can look great and do the right thing or the environment. The bags do not even look recycled because they have amazing designs on them. Plus, if you get a bag that you will use every day, you will be proud of the bag because it does not look like anything that you will see on the street. 

Get A Water Filter Pitcher 

Turn on the tap. Put that water into the filter pitcher, and drink that water from the pitcher. Because you are using these pitchers, you are no longer buying bottles of water from the store that will be thrown away. You do not want to use any ore plastic than you already have, and that is why you should get the glass pitcher with the special composure lid that will filter the water without increasing your impact on the environment. 

Why Should You Switch? 

Just by doing these two things listed above, you have reduced your impact on the planet because you likely go through hundreds of bottles of water and plastic bags per year. All the plastic that was ever produced in the history of the world is still here because it does not degrade, and you should do your part to reduce the production and consumption of plastic. Plus, you are helping the air remain clean because you are creating less pollution every time you do not need to throw away plastic bottles or bags. 

Use Recycled Paper 

When you are using recycled paper, you are preventing more deforestation while also supporting the people who make the recycled paper bags at the beginning of this article. Your office could it down on waste significantly, and you could even start going paperless. Imagine all the trees that you can save when you do this, and remember that going green is a good selling point for your customers. 

You should try to go green as much as you can, but you cannot do it all at once. It makes much more sense for you to go green in stages so that you can complete each of the tasks above, reduce your footprint, and teach the people around you to do the same.


Published by Mohaned Gadnne