Low Energy Lighting

First, considering switching your standard bulbs to CFLs. CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamp, and this type of light can use as little as one-fifth of the electricity of your old light bulbs – they can also last up to a whopping fifteen times longer! Although CFLs are costlier to buy, they can save more than five times their purchase price over the lifetime of the bulb in energy costs. That’s why, these light bulbs can be an incredible way to save money and go green at the same time.

Check for Leaks

Be sure you are regularly checking your pipes for any potential water leaks. Even if you don’t notice any change in your water pressure, there could still be a small leak. Most of us believe that a small leak doesn’t matter, but, in fact, a leak that is not resolved can lead to larger (and most expensive) issues down the road. Additionally, this small leak can quickly increase your water bill. Don’t assume that just because your water bill has not increased means you do not have a leak. Sometimes, water companies delay checking your meter, and the costs of a leak can accumulate to an incredibly large bill several months in the future. Prevent this from happening to you by being diligent and inspecting your property regularly for leaks. If you notice your land is unusually damp, be very cautious.

Beware The ‘Standby Syndrome’

Did you know that all of your plugged appliances use electricity, even when they are not connected to anything? This includes your television, phone chargers, microwaves, lamps, fans, etc. That’s why it’s vital, if possible, to go around your home and unplug any appliances you are not current using in order to reduce your electrical bill. You could also go the extra step and install a power strip. High-quality power strips provide vital power surge protection which will protect all of your expensive and delicate electronic items and will automatically turn off your outlets whenever they are not being used; therefore, that’s great if you are, like me, too lazy unplug anything!!

Upgrade Your Insulation

If you have old insulation, it may be time to upgrade it. Although insulation does not add beauty and decor to your home, it is, nevertheless, a vital part of the fabric of your home. First of all, upgraded insulation is mold resistant. Second, it will not settle. Third, it will absorb sound better. Fourth, your indoor air quality will dramatically improve, allowing you to breathe better. Finally, it will help reduce your electricity bills because better insulation will keep your home warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months. Although installing upgraded insulation can cost about $1500, you should earn this money back in about two to three years. You can place your old insulation to storage unit if you have limited space in the home. Just do a search on public storage near me to find the best storage facility.

Look to Solar Power

Finally, consider using solar power in your home. Solar energy can be used to power many aspects of your home, such as heating up your water, providing electricity and even providing nice outdoor lighting. Because solar power comes directly from the sun, it is free and does not harm the environment. However, it can be tricky and expensive to install so its always worth talking to an expert before considering using this form of energy.

These simple eco-friendly ways to improve your home can help you to improve your home, save money, and go green at the same time. This is an incredible combination of benefits, so make use of this advice today.

Published by Samantha Brown