Eco|stems is a Canadian based unique florist located in Corktown neighbourhood in old Toronto, Ontario. They deliver fresh flowers, exquisite terrariums and beautiful plants to Toronto, Scarborough, North York, East York and York neighbourhoods in Canada. The Toronto’s florist is open on all weekdays from 9 AM till 7 PM and from 10 AM till 6 PM in the weekends. The online portal,, offers a seamless virtual shopping experience to environment lovers with convenient payment options along with same day delivery. Interested customers can also sign up for an informative newsletter on their website to get updates on new additions, coupon codes and exciting discounts.

Environmental and social responsibility

eco|stems has earned a name for sustainable product offerings, fair employment practices and environmental responsibilities. Their unique value proposition is to provide good paying jobs to revive the declining floral industry with absolute minimum impact on nature. They groom passionate floral designers and horticulturists to set industry benchmarks by providing innovative products to the customers.  Customers pay for the superior quality farming methods and for the niche skills of floral designers and horticulturists in the background. It is not just another roadside floral or botanical shop but a group of souls who have a say in conserving the environment for future generations.


eco|stems offers eco-friendly and sustainable flowers. Organic farming practices avoid usage of harmful pesticides. These minimize the negative impact on growers as well as on the environment. A high dependency on local seasonal flowers not only brings variety in offerings from time to time but also reduces the use of fossil fuels to bring the floral collections to the end customers. eco|stems also adopts fair trade practices to sustain the value chain in the floral industry. The offerings vary from high quality handmade flower bouquets to occasion specific floral arrangements with interesting flower workshops focusing on flower care practices along with attractive flower subscriptions.  


eco|stems provides an interesting way of adding greenery to your living spaces. Terrariums are mini landscapes that are confined to variety of glass containers offering a clear view of things above and below the soil surface. Some are open to atmosphere and some are sealed. These are absolutely free of maintenance and are excellent gifting options that can be placed in your living rooms instead of storing in your wardrobes. eco|stems offers a variety of air plant and desert plant terrariums. Apart from these, they conduct terrarium workshops and sell the needed supplies. 


eco|stems showcases a wide variety of tender and tropical species of plants. Horticulturists work continuously to take care of the plants and provide consultative services to beginners as well as seasoned collectors. Like flowers, the dependency on seasonal plants brings in variety. Plants are available based on the placement (indoor or outdoor) and also specific to residential, commercial spaces. Team suggests innovative plant arrangements with attractive plant subscriptions. The product offerings include air plants, desert plants, pet friendly plants, orchids, tropical plants, flowering plants, etc.

You can either call or e-mail or visit the shop to order customizations and to discuss about the care instructions.

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Published by Samantha Brown