I just started editing my first novel...again. Editing isn't quite the right word. Let's go with rewriting it. I'm trying to make my characters more believable/likeable. Right now, I'm working on the antagonist and her introduction in the prologue. I'd say it's going well, but let's just say I kept getting distracted by the Internet. (Isn't that the story of every author's life?) The first couple of pages are better than they were, but I'm not 100% sure if I'm happy with them yet.

I'm trying to make this the absolute last time that I edit this novel (although I said that last time). So I'm taking my time with it. Which is why I'm still on page 3.

I think this is  how I'm going to edit all of my novels from now on. Write it down as fast as I can, and then take my time editing it. That way, I'm not going through it 6 times. (Unless, that's what is needed to make it publishable).

How does your editing process go? Do you have any tips/suggestions for how to make mine go easier/be more productive?


Published by Nichole Quade