Let's take a look at what the future might hold for education in the United States. Remember, this depends on the engaged electorate, the concerned parent, the overworked teacher, and those who have a stake in the future.


That would be all of us by the way.


As of today the school choice push continues to grow, as does the homeschooling movement. More and more adults are seeing the fruit of the current system and are shaking their heads in dismay.


At this very moment institutions that are supposedly of ‘higher learning’ are choosing to silence free speech in favor of the over emotional. It would appear that thousands of college students have mental deficiencies that cause them to have extreme, adverse reactions to words & this is having an effect on the way the general population views our educational methods.


We must ask ourselves what role their school days played in this behavior. Why are they incapable of handling their emotions? Why is it so impossible for them to deal with their own lives?


A society cannot function when it’s citizens are unable to function.


Parents especially are seeing this as a rising issue and worry for their own children. For those who think ahead, who recognize that tomorrow is uncertain, it is a huge concern.


The idea that your child won’t be able to live independently should be frightening.


Those sorts of people, the ones who know the unknown, are taking this challenge seriously. They’re fighting to be allowed to take their children to better schools, to be able to educate at home, and if their strength holds we will see a dramatic shift in the educational landscape.


So, what kind of change are we talking about?


Overall we would expect to begin seeing more varied approaches to public education. Montessori, Waldorf, Enki, perhaps even delayed... It really all comes down to how much control people are willing to fight for.


The fact that parents would be allowed to send their child to a public school that is not like all the rest is just starting to become a reality with Charter Schools. There is push back in this arena, massive push back from leaders who don’t like the idea of money being tied to the child no matter where s/he decides to go to school, but parents and many educators are standing firm.


Of course we have private schools and many of them offer multifaceted choices of education, but sadly they aren’t accessible to everyone.


For a while our society believed that money would be the deciding factor in a child’s education; if a family couldn’t afford to move to a better district they would be stuck within failing schools, but as the grownups stand up & speak out that is starting to change.


This is a long, hard road to travel. Many are entrenched in the old ways of education and flat out refuse to so much as imagine something different, yet parents, caregivers, and concerned citizens are willing to battle anyway.


If you’ve looked at the path we’ve been on, with falling test scores, lowered mental and emotional stability in our children, and realized that our current system is partially to blame then it falls to you add your voice to the cacophony.


Or not.

Published by Orietta Rose