A long time ago, from the moment which the human started to build his civilization, he started to search for resources. Resources for feeding his clan, protecting them and the establishment of his own community. It was clear from the begging that collecting these resources without the knowledge of using it would be less than worthless! so he started to learn and educate himself , not only that, he also started to teach the new generation of his community how , where and when they use these resources , all that was with an aim of creating solid community to continue and to survive , then to develop one level by other among all ages . Till now, this moment which I am writing this essay, the concept of learning and sharing the education is becoming understood and generally accepted by most of the world countries and most of the organizations which call for it. The development of European Union by exchanging European Union students is the best example for discussing my idea’s philosophy. In the world, right now everything is built on exchanges, which mean in all situation the double winner situation, as the country, person. Or society shares what we have to gain what it don’t have.

Science is like the sea, and whatever we gain from it, it will not be over, and the whole process of learning and education have to be generated and continuously stimulated all time, over less the time will pass without achieving any development. for such reasons , it will be impossible for one education system , ministry , college or university to collect all information related to one topic alone , that’s why we have noticed the internships between universities and institutions which have a wide vision of the true meaning of learning , which is based on sharing the knowledge ,the education materials , and education tools around the world to get more bright minds and more useful hands which can hold the responsibility of being an educator !

when applying education synergy , new chances of researchers will start to grow up , new work opportunities will start to be established , and of course new bright minds will start to shine due to differences between the multi-cultural system which they will be involved in and the multi interaction ways of educating  will have a positive effect if it targeted our youth and children’s mind correctly , as the new idea can get many ways to be described , there will be many ways to apply it practically .

new generations , will come , and new cultural will start to grow based on multi-cultural exchange , and as the science and education system will be important as food and drink to establish it correctly , as we will notice many Mutations in fields of science and education system .

Our ancestors used to learn reading, writing, art and medicine from being a student and follower to some expertise in their fields. Up later, that expertise started to establish new places of learning until we got right now which we called schools and universities!

That is being considered as mutation, in education field based on population increase and what helped to spear it around the world is muli-cultural exchanges, as those professors moved around and around to form a united community based on the idea of teaching people. And without this synergy, they may wouldn’t success in what they wanted!

Synergy is our key to unknown future, the new hope for our new generations which may mutate something like universities but in the future. Maybe we don’t know it right now, but we see small seeds started to be fed in cases of flipped classrooms and in a wide range of online universities. And all is built on synergy!

Synergy is a relationship, between student and himself, student with his teacher, students together and teachers together! it’s a wide rule of life that we all created for, to be united, to understand each other, because whenever the true meaning of syringe is being applied, from the student holding a responsibility as a learner and the teacher with his responsibility as trainer and future maker, and between whole community to share what he got with other communities, the whole society will enter the circle of innovation and continues development from its largest door!

The present Is the way we have to follow to cross to the future, every step we have to take have to be designed carefully. The future will come in anyways, but it depends on whatever it was the future we all are dreaming of, or the future we didn’t ever expect. Everything is depending on what we have to choice from this moment. Our children will be adults tomorrow, and our pupils will be our guidance tomorrow, the bright seed we grow, and the longest and branched tree we will get. Education will continue , and as it doesn't matter how many years we have to spend or already spent in it , as it matters what we actually learned  and applied for our humanity , the effectiveness of what we learn is a mirror to reflect positive attitudes and the right ways which we followed .

The effective education system is knowing that, at least, if it didn’t establish the true synergy, it will fail, not only that, but it could be continue be providing its education year by year, but without any results. These institutions are being missed the main core of education system , as when there will not be a target for students themselves and for teachers , there will not be an effective learning process at all , which develop unaware generations and uncared about the importance of education and science in our life .

Time will pass, we all have the ability to educate ourselves, but we won’t get time to learn everything we need alone! That’s why we need the collaboration, we need others to support our minds to save time, to have the ability to continue there and our ways to developments and creativity. The voices of the learner have to reach the ways they wanted, and the replays have to be met what they suspected!

Together, there is no limit for science.


Published by Mohamed Abouzid