I remember attending a seminar and listening to the speaker say, “When your students express themselves, let them become the teacher and allow yourself to become the student. Suspend yourself in disbelief.”

I thought about this concept for quite some time and I began to understand it.

The art of disbelief is beautiful.

You remain in that trance, unmovable.

Caught in the perplexity of the new idea,

Amazed by the richness of growth.

Suspension feels almost like meditation on clouds.

You know that you're caught in a place where you must learn a new way to hold yourself upright.

To find yourself steady.

Once you understand where your students are coming from, you realize what you deemed weightless conversations have anchored you so deeply into unprecedented worlds.

Their eyes, their hearts...can see what's left us when we sprouted away from the uncensored lifestyles as youths.

Doubt with questions.

Questions that lead to pathways that were never meant to be explored if we declare our core to be common...if we declare them to be standards.

My favorite thing about the education system is the lack of perfection.

It'll never be perfect. It just can't be.

How are we to mold creative minds if the universe created them creatively? If they were destined to challenge, testify, doubt, question, theorize and repeat?

Learning is so beautiful.

And beauty is constructed...remade…recycled.

Never just from the top down.

But in unison. In a circle. Where there is no main source.

Published by Luke Lee