Numerous people have reportedly been ripped-off by Edward Powers (aka Epowers Cybercrime Investigators). He presents himself as an “investigator” who can help his clients reclaim money they lost using ClicksValley, AdRoll, MaxBounty, BannerBit and other online marketing platforms.

First he is sending his targets a lot of fabricated evidence that he claims comes from these companies. This can include doctored payroll images and made-up information about the companies’ employees, offices and bank accounts. He is making a lot of efforts to create false documentation and he is doing this as a way to build trust with his targets. Don’t believe a word of what he says.

After building a relationship with his clients in the first few weeks, he then asks to be paid $10000 or as much as $30000 to continue with his “investigation”. He wants his payments sent to someone named Clayton Peter Kaizer using the Western Union service. He then disappears with the funds and stops returning messages, as if the whole thing never happened.

He is taking advantage of people who have already lost money in online marketing platforms and HE SHOULD BE AVOIDED. He is not who he claims to be, so ask for proof-of-identity if you are tempted to work with him. Check his Facebook, passport/selfie and Linkedin. He won’t provide it because ‘Edward Powers’ is not a real person, just a scammer who is trying to take advantage of the most vulnerable people who have already lost money.

It’s a very unfortunate situation because he is presenting himself as someone who is wanting to help but then turns around and disappears. Several people have written in to complain about this, and are figuring out how to take legal action against him. The problem is people are having difficulty to come up with more money because the money they would have spent on legal fees were already spent as a deposit for Edward Powers’ “investigation” services.

It’s not clear what’s motivating him to do these actions but it’s pretty clear his main motivation is collecting money and doing damage to people who don’t deserve this. If you think about it, he was clever about it because he knows some people have lost money and will engage him for his “investigation” services to help with this. The sad thing is that instead of helping, he doing the exact opposite after gaining some trust from the people he targets.

The main thing to understand is that he is causing harm and should be avoided at all costs. So if you or anyone you know gets contacted by ‘Epower Cyberbrime Investigations’, DON’T SHARE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION with him and DON’T SEND HIM ANY MONEY. He is a fraud and will not help you in the end, he just wants to collect your “security deposit” of 10K or even 30K then he will disappear.

Share this info if you know someone who gets approached by ‘Epower Cybercrime Investigations’, it’s a rip-off and a fraud.

Lisa Smith

Published by Julia Morison