Ego: The Biggest Darkness


There are a lot of lot past studies that tell us about Ego and its origin. Some say it is a by-product of Anger, while others say that it is our illusionary image that we project before others. Some say that it originates at the Third Eye Chakra, while some have described it as a negative effect of Fire Chakra. God has given us brains to analyze things on the basis of universal logics. Let us bifurcate ego and understand it in depth.

We overcome Ego in the last. It takes a lot of effort to understand that we need to detach our physical acquired identity from our Soul. Ego starts from our Root Chakra and it changes its style, characteristics, reasons, and purpose as it goes up to the Crown Chakra. We can categorize Ego into two broad heads:

Gamma Ego

Delta Ego


The difference between ‘Who you are’ and ‘Who you want to become’ gives birth to our Gamma Ego. It is an illusionary ‘balloon’ which is bigger than your size.

The different colors in the picture above are depicting your ‘Inflated Image’ which is composed of several special powers you have designed for yourself. In other words, this is your ‘Ironman’ suit, equipped with the illusionary powers you believe will go with your persona.

Since our childhood, our parents, society, siblings, and friends have tried to mould us to become like them by conditioning our thought processes and beliefs. Like telling us, “Do not do this, do that.” or “This is not good, that is bad.” or “You look like this, s/he looks like that.” Such comparisons and discriminations compel a child to judge her/himself on the basis of characteristics created by the society.

So, the child creates an ‘Average image’ of her/himself in the mind. There can be infinite number of shortcomings which compels a person to become what s/he is not actually. For example:

  • A short heightened person will wear ‘heels’ to look normal
  • A dark skinned person applies cosmetics to make her/him look fairer
  • Bald people wearing wigs or people using different colors for their hair
  • A lean and thin person who wears horizontal stripped garments to looks broad
  • An innocent looking boy keeping heavy beard and mustaches to look more manly
  • Women showing flesh or men showing muscles to showcase their bodies
  • People displaying wealth to show off

Your Ego shows your Illusionary Image to the World

Threats are the main cause due to which we create a false image of ourselves before the world. Threats can be like: Getting hurt, not getting recognition, being stamped as ‘ordinary’, etc. So, gradually threats develop a large gap between our actual selves and our false image. Crossing over or filling up this gap becomes such an extremely difficult task that when the time comes to show ourselves to the world, we might even feel suicidal.

This entire drama of Ego starts at a very small point when we do not want to accept the reality of ‘who we truly are’, and we shift our energies in becoming who we are not. Good gets good, bad gets bad, and similarly illusion fetches only illusion. To understand it better, just think about the people you have in you life, who are with you just because of your Ego (your illusionary / false image).


Imagine yourself as a simple person who has created a false image of her/himself of a sword wielding warrior. When you went out in the world, few people got influenced by your Ego and became sword wielding warriors themselves. Now, when the time comes for an actual battle where you need the warriors to fight alongside you, you will see that none of you have swords. Is not it strange to create and live in a society where everyone is wearing masks. This is why majority of our world’s population is suffering from ‘Gamma Ego’. Throughout our lives we keep running from ourselves, from who we truly are. This is why we are never able to accept ourselves and never able to love ourselves ‘unconditionally’. The poison of comparison kills our innocence. If you remember what we have read earlier, this is why a child radiates with energy and adults do not.

Comparing Ourselves and Others

A person asks a building contractor about how much he would charge to construct a two storied house. The contractor tells him an estimated cost of building the first and the second floor for $25k respectively. The man says that he has only $25k at the moment and he would like to get the first floor constructed first. The contractor laughs and tells him it is not possible to build a storey in the air without laying the foundation of the ground floor. This is a funny story, but we all make the same kind of mistakes throughout our lives. We first collect all that we do not have, and then assemble them to make a ‘Suit’, and then wear it. Then we hope that whatever skill, move, and weapon we acquire to remove our shortcomings must help with our mission. But what we forget is to ‘add’ or to ‘delete’ a base is needed, which was never there in presence of our Ego.

This is why most of us fail, this is why we never learn, and this is why we fail to understand who we truly are and what we are good at. Our false image never lets us correct ourselves. A person with ‘No Ego’ grows every moment; with every learning. S/he never compares with others as s/he competes with her/himself only. Whatever new learning such people get or impurity which they remove, it adds or deletes from their real personality as well. With self competition, impurities like jealously, hatred, frustration, etc. never come in such person’s way.

Learning to compete with others is ’Ego’; but learning to compete with oneself is ‘Evolution’.

The ‘Delta Ego’ arises when you acquire monumental knowledge and wisdom and your actual image grows larger than life. However, people around you do not / are not willing to accept this as a reality. This ego is lethal in nature. A person, after studying and acquiring knowledge, becomes aware of things which most of the people are oblivious to in the society. When such a person comes back in this society, s/he becomes hungry for recognition. S/he hopes that people respect her/him for what s/he has achieved. Such people try to impose their thought processes on others and are ready for a debate always. They believe that people at large are less knowledgeable than them. Here, the ‘Expectation’ of being recognized gradually eats up their knowledge and it gets to a point where people start to avoid them due to their finicky behavior. Still, we need to understand that sharing valuable knowledge that one has acquired is essential to the society, otherwise how will others get benefit from it.

We grow until we are learning, but the after effects of ‘Delta Ego’ stops the process of learning. It is the same like stopping the automatic updates of the downloaded apps on our smart phones and computers. What happens then? The versions of apps will soon get outdated and will stop functioning properly.

To keep developing, our brains need to challenge our souls at every step so that we do not become superstitious. As we have talked about the logical aspects of the invisible powers hidden in us; getting to the top makes you the humble, but if it not making you humble then you need more filtration of impurities. Many of the great sages in history had been a victim of ‘Delta Ego’. They spent many years in Kundalini awakening, got every wish fulfilled by God, and acquired great knowledge. However, when they did not get proper recognition and respect from the society, they displayed their ‘Delta Ego’ and lost everything that they had earned.

Getting rid of Ego

Be it any kind of Ego, whether Gamma or Delta, it will always create an illusion and hamper your inner development. With the former, you want to become what people think of you, and in the latter you want people to know who you truly are. In both the cases, the focal point is the need for recognition and respect from others. However, once you shift this focal point to your inner-self, as a permanent state, you will stop competing with others and start competing with yourself. This shift will enlighten your inner strengths, inner abilities, and make you aware of your natural ‘connection’ with the universe. Your analysis about your inner-self lets you know what traits, habits, and impurities you have to lose in order to gain yourself. The outer world then becomes null and void and you will be concerned with your evolution only.

Another way out to overcome ‘Delta Ego’ is to rewrite your RAM. As we have discussed in Fire Chakra, billions of neurons continuously disseminate from every part of our body and constantly keep us aware about ourselves. Every second your mind (the projector) is reminding you who you are, and processes hundreds of picture frames through which we realize that everything that exists is real. Meditating lowers down the speed of your mind (to Delta or to Theta frequency) and enables your inner sight through which you are able to witness the ultimate truth that Nothing is Real.

Through meditation, you can erase, edit, retain, and add anything you want to in your memories. Try doing this right now. In case you have any kind of body pain, sit calmly and make yourself believe that you are not suffering from it and your body is perfectly fine and active (when you were healthy). Now move a bit. With this movement, you will realize that the pain your nerves were carrying has either gone down to zero, or has reduced many degrees. You will feel start to feel better. It happens because the nerves which carry the signals of pain to your brain have lost their job due to meditation. The signals may still be going to the brain (billion times in a second), but your belief (of not feeling the pain) confuses the signals and your nerves will forget to relay the information to the brain till you keep your belief intact.

See, how wonderful the whole system is! When you meditate, your most micro systems (sub systems) also meditate. You get in sync with the universe and at the same time your micro systems get in sync with each other. This is the beauty of it.

From the Book : OTHER DIMENSION Secret Codes of the Universe (Chapter - Crown Chakra)


Published by Nishant Dutt