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Ego a sense of many relationships,family and more today, don't die a natural death they are murdered by "EGO"I choose to call it self pride.You feel nobody is as important as you sometimes it comes up at an individuals ability to do something creative and is being loved by others but I strongly believe and see every possibility to tame all lies here "when u run alone it is called race,but when u run with God it is called Grace"so for every achievement u have made,for every comment you receive acknowledge God first. Because if not for him we are nothing.Also always respect others opinion no matter how irrelevant,don't count it as failure but as a step to get what u want.sometimes its just a test from the enemy to see his strong we are but,I tell u if the devil cannot regret regret the day you were born,instead celebrate your existence then you are not living Godly life of purpose.finally pray until something happens cos if u have nothing to offer in life,you suffer.The earlier the better.


(EGO) some even call other individuals egocentric individuals but to me i termed it as Enemy Get Overpowered and to some its termed Enemy Gets On   Now its in two stages
1. Enemy Get Overpowered
2. Enemy Gets On

1. Enemy Get overpowered

As we all know that we waged war not against physical battles but against the dark forces thats why it was writeen that the weapon of our warfare is not carnal. When you get the enemy overpowereed; you have overcome the battles already
Alber Einstein once said "More the knowledge,lesser the Ego,lesser the knowledge,More the Ego
Goin spiritual; the story of prophet elisha and Naaman a commander of a whole Army in (2Kings 5) had it been he wamted to show his EGO, he would have end upliving with the leprosy for life but he neglected his EGO and went to to wash himself in the jordan river seven times at first his Ego, wanted to have dominion over him but he realised and was conscious about the prophet and immediately he washed himself in the river he was made whole

Neglect your EGO,you and your neighbour gad a dispute and because of your profession (GM in a bank) and your neighbour is just a street barber and because of your hign status and in the cause of this matter you bare the one at fault and the next thing u said was that HOW WILL I TELL HIM SORRY ?, WHO IS HE BY THE WAY ? sir my answer to your question is that hes also a human being like you.
Watchout for Part 2

Published by Ayoade John