photo of egyptian women baking bread
The Town Bakery

Written By: Gary Wonning

After a continental breakfast, we set out for  the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Egypt. This was New Year's Day and we had only gotten three hours sleep. I don't think I am ready for this. 

A couple hours into the trip, we stopped for a rest break at an Egyptian truck stop. Boy, can I use the rest, and using the facilities sounded like a good idea. After purchasing a coffee and donuts, as I  walked back towards the bus, I saw a military base across the road.

I can get some really good photos. Grabbing my camera, I headed across the road,as I proceeded to take a photo several  armed soldiers appeared shouting, "No Photo". I Guess this isn't a Kodak moment, maybe I'll go back to the bus.

We arrived at our hotel in Alexandria about 3 pm, just in time for a nice lunch in the hotel restaurant. There wasn't much left of the day, so we decided to visit the local aquarium. The admission charge was $.01, I'm not sure if my budget can handle this.


photo of the three pyramids of Giza at sunrise
Mysterious Egypt, land of a thousand years

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