Breaking up is hard to do. The thing about dating someone is that you have to give yourself over to them and trust them not to break you into a million pieces. Unfortunately people are not so good at the not breaking part. Break ups happen for millions of reasons, ranging from something seriously wrong with the relationship to it being something annoying the other person does. Not all relationships work out. We all know that

It really sucks though.

I have compiled a list of songs inspired by a recent break-up my sister had. It's a pretty mixed bag, seeing as during a really tough break-up you go through about a million different emotions: from wanting to burn their house down to crawling back on hands and knees, begging for forgiveness. 


1. 'Hair' featuring Sean Paul by Little Mix
Break ups are all different. There are different reasons, personalities, and emotions involved in each situation. One thing remains universal though: that need for a power song to make you feel better about the break up. The feeling of shaking that problematic boy or girl off for the final time.
'Hair' is a great one to blast while all of your girls (or guys I do guys get over break-ups anyway?) are together trying to make you feel better about everything that happened. Much like in the music video, dancing around with your besties singing about how that boy is a "d*ck" really can make you feel that much better about everything. 

Plus the song is an absolute bop. A necessity for any sleepover with the girls. 


Another great one about telling that guy or girl: look what you're missing. This song takes a more moody angle than 'Hair' at the statement, with lines proclaiming both participants in the break-up as "coldhearted". Break-ups like this, where the pair are callous towards each other because they may be afraid the other doesn't care or want them, are especially hard and ZAYN shows this. 

This song also touches on that feeling of wanting to still be with that person. The song is bittersweet in this regard, as the second verse reveals the narrator still being into the other person, but that they are so confusing or manipulative it makes it hard to be with them. We're done thinking about things now so you better be clear this time!

The chorus of this song is excellent to sing into your hairbrush when you're feeling particularly snarky and smug. Oh you got a cute guy on your arm now? Well he ain't gonna love you like I did so have fun!


3. 'Cry Me A River' by Justin Timberlake
What would a break-up playlist be without ole' Justin crooning about his misfortunes in love that we can sometimes relate to and other times sympathize with? This song is extremely moody, so don't listen if you're feeling sad. Then again, it has an angry undertone, so let all that rage out!

Basically, Justin is telling that girl who cheated on him to "cry me a river" when he breaks up with her and she's totally confused as to why he's calling it off. Uh, hello! The guy told him everything that happened! 

(I can just imagine the look on her face as he's saying this to her)

Found out the love of your life, that you matched outfits with constantly, is a dirty cheating liar? Blast this one on you car stereo for a while. It will definitely make you feel satisfied as you're singing it out the windshield in the rain...


4. 'Love Yourself' by Justin Bieber
I am not much of a Justin Bieber fan to be honest with you, but this guy can really writes some hit love/break-up tracks. This one is absolutely one of my favorites. The lack of drums and boisterous pop music in the background allows you to focus on his soft voice sing about the relationship he endured where the girl basically was using him for his fame and name. 

Want to tell that guy or girl that was an absolute drag on you, your friends, and basically ruined everything you two did (or even you alone) to take a hike when they come crawling back into your DMs or text messages? Send them lines from this surprisingly snarky song. 


5. 'Never Forget You' by Zara Larsson featuring MNEK
Sometimes everything can be perfect in a relationship. You guys are perfect for each other, love all the same things, have this chemistry that just works, and it all turn to crap. No one knows just why this happens to something that was so good, but it does and it really sucks. 

There is always that one person that you will never be able to forget. Even when you find the one you will marry and live with forever and run off into the sunset with, that one person will probably remain that thorn in your heart that just never goes away.

This song is catchy and bittersweet. If you're stuck in your feelings about that certain thorn one day, pop this track on and give yourself some happy tears instead of overthinking anything. 


6. 'Over You' by Daughtry 
Ever have that really tough break-up where you aren't sure if you'll ever get over that amazing person who dropped you on your bum in the rain with all your belongings thrown in the mud? You most certainly are not alone on this. The whole world is over at this point. The sky seems to be crying right along you as you trudge home at three in the morning with your trash bag of belongings. It sucks. Your heart hurts. Worst of all, you have that horrid feeling for days you'll never get over this one.

Then one day, some time in the future, you wake up. The sun is shining. That pretty girl behind the counter at the coffee shop you go to smiles at you. A promotion you've been chasing at work finally happens and you're clinking glasses with your buddies at the bar in celebration. You forget all about that dreadful night all those weeks ago.

This song is perfect for you.



Published by Caitlyn Booth