I have recently been introduced to Elia’s photography through a work colleague and instantly became in awe of his work and lifestyle.For those of you unaware of who Elia is or what he does let me explain. Not only is Elia an internationally acclaimed professionally travel photographer, videographer, writer, public speaker and also a global ambassador of Fujifilm, but he and his wife Naomi are also 100% location independent allowing them to live a mobile lifestyle travelling from location to location in which has seem them visit more than 55 countries.

The thing that really captivates me about Elia’s work is his amazing attention to detail, either when capturing a new location or most recently when shooting with Smugmug films and pushing the limits in trying to capture that different angle or image. In following his work I have also found him to be incredibly insightful and helpful, always running you through his setup and what his aim of the shoot is.

Elia has built up an amazing portfolio and also a massive base of fans on social media with a following of over 2.5 million people. His work has also seen him teach post-processing workshops wordwide and also run travel photography tours to such places as Bhutan, Japan and Cambodia. It’s not unrealistic to see why Elia has been featured by Cnet Australia, Fstoppers, Wacom USA and professional photographer magazine.

If you are interested in looking at more of Elia’s work you find him on both Facebook and Instagram by searching Elia Locardi as well as Snapchat, Twitter, Google+, his website elialocardi.com and also is blog blamethemonkey.com. Finally I would like to thank Elia for the opportunity to write this little piece on him.

Published by Jackson Mahoney