After hours of contemplating about right or wrong, good or bad, wise or dumb, here I am with my personal imaginary friend, sharing whatever going inside my head. I wonder whether it’s the right time to do this, but I know that if I don’t do it now it will haunt me over and over again with different prospects. Sometimes in the form of deadlines, sometimes in the form of challenges, and sometimes in the form of something I have yearned for long, the right work.

I wonder why we humans spend such time in thinking and not acting on our thoughts when we all know that change can only be the product of our actions, not thoughts. However, it’s also true that every action we undertake is just a product of our brilliant musings.  Here’s to the unrelated but direct, complicated but simplified, and challenging but sure-fire life teaching to greatness, i.e., success.



At this part of my life, everything seems easy, may it be making pieces of stone, climbing a mountain, or going on an endless voyage. But what doesn’t seem to clarify itself is the path I will take for living the life I always wanted.

But what is that I always wanted to have? Well, it’s 90% similar to what people generally want. A big home, a lavish car, a life full of luxuries, happiness, lust and what not. Don’t we all want that? Moreover, I wanted to earn a hypothetical amount per month too while being where I am.  I made this dream because I was at a point where I needed something to cling for, something to show me hope and inspire me to do more.

 I used to think that everything’s easy, but now I realize that “easy” word is nothing but an illusion, and no matter what you will choose to do, it will always going to take so much of hard-work.

But, I know one thing, that if you have something you madly love, something to pour your heart in, and you are not afraid of hard-work, you are going to succeed.  There is nothing in this world, which can stop you from unleashing your greatness if you are ready for it.


From the greatness mentor of this world, I have learned the formula of success. “Success” is nothing but a state of mind where you feel that you have achieved which is extremely dear to you. It’s different from person to person, but there’s one thing which is always same about every kind of success, it’s your magical vision.

You can only achieve something when you know what your targets are; you can’t get anything until you don’t know where you are going. You must have a vision, a definite goal of what you want to have in your life.  Where do you see yourself after one year? What income level you want to achieve? What is your passion? Are you devoted to make a life out of it?

We human ,love asking people questions, but the only place where we go wrong is that we forget asking questions to ourselves while asking questions to other people. Ask questions to yourself about the kind of life you want, about your dreams, and inspirations. They will help you unleash your greatest version.



  • FIND YOUR CALLING- No matter from which part of  the earth we belong, all of us are gifted with something which is unique, a gift which made us different from the swarm, find it. The first and most important task that you have now is to find that gift is to understand what made your heart beats faster, what attracts you to the core, what is that you incredibly love. You have to make the strong decision and take full responsibility of it. There will be dozens of choices in front of you, and every choice will have its positive and negative effects, but you have to choose meticulously. With 80% of your heart and 20% of your mind.
  • GET MENTORSHIP – Now that you have found the one-thing, the second task is much easier. Now you have to find those who already excel in your selected field of interest. Find Likewise mentors through YouTube or purchases their life-teachings in the form of a book. Their expertises methods will help you aware of the problems and also facilitate you tackle every situation in the more systematic way.
  • PRACTICE- This is where the actual sweat and labor comes into action. It’s true that you have found the one thing which makes you different from the swarm, but without practicing it over a significant amount of time, you wouldn’t be able to do better. No matters what, there’s no substitute of hard-work. And that hard-work always beat the unpractised passion.





Published by Nikhil Shrivastava