We are rounding the end of the month and starting August in a week or so. The end of my summer vacation is nearing and the back-to-school stress will be back with back to school. Being seven months into 2016, I decided to reflect back on my New Year's Resolutions and keep you guys up to date on how things have actually been going down.


Eat Healthier: I feel as if I've semi gone through with this. I don't eat all that much junk food anymore and actually have more fruit than I did before. I haven't had much of a craving for candy, mostly because my teeth are super sensitive and I don't feel like going through tooth-aches every time I enjoy gummy worms. On the other hand, I haven't been having a full nutritional diet. I snack more than I actually have full meals. So this is something I need to continue to work on.

 Start some Yoga or smaller exercises: I've basically abandoned this one entirely. I think I did squats for a good two days.

Wake up earlier: I'm surprised I've been keeping up with this (up until this week). My alarm is always set for 8:30 and 9 am. I'm awake in time to go outside and have my coffee with my grandma, which is something she enjoys and that makes me want to do it even more. Unfortunately, this week I got into watching Vampire Diaries so I've been binge watching that most nights- staying up until 3 am and that makes me sleep through my alarms and wake up midday. But VD is just so addicting!

Take better care of my skin: This definitely went in the opposite direction than I wanted it to go. I've been breaking out so much in the last couple of months than I ever did when I went through puberty in middle school. I've become so insecure that I've been covering up more than I have before. I'm forcing myself to drink more water and making sure all makeup residue is off my face every night but it doesn't seem to be working.

Be the one to instigate meeting up with friends more often: Now this one is the one that I'm getting frustrating with. I've put so much effort into trying to get together with friends so we can hang out and go do something. Turns out I'm the only one putting effort into actually seeing anyone and it never happens. Apparently, effort on my part wasn't the issue on why we don't hang out. I just need new friends.

Take more adventures: I went to the Natural History Museum and I've been going to the beach far more often and even making trips to Downtown LA. Granted, I've mainly been going to these places with my little sister and cousins, it's still adventures. Plus, I'm getting closer to the cousins I've always wished I could be closer to because my family continued to move further away from the rest of the family. So it's a win.

Pick up a hobby or two: Like exercising, I've abandoned this one, too.

 Visit the cemetery more oftenIt's tough.

 Get my tattoo: PICTURE COMING SOON!


We still have another five months left of the year. I still have time to become proactive on some of these and change my approach to others. It's definitely been a year of figuring out where my time and energy needs to be directed to and so far, I feel as I'm not directing a lot of that on myself. So I'm adding another one that I feel I need to focus on and start working on.

Embrace change

I feel as if a lot of the things that I haven't been happy about with in my life are because nothing of that part of my life has changed. I'm not one who likes change very much. I need to start reflecting on my past whenever I feel like denying change because as much as I dislike change, it's always led me to better things and made me someone I like more. So the next time I'm at a fork between staying in my routine and changing it, I need to change it.

No doubt I'll bounce off some of these and write a whole post about them separately in more detail. How have you guys been keeping up with your resolutions?

(Here is the think to my original post on my New Year's resolutions: https://sabrina1219.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/self-growth-and-discovery-in-2016/ )

Published by Sabrina Cardenas