Why does weird make you cringe? You continue to frown upon the face that brings change. If 'the same' matters so much, then why do we want, so hard, to be different?

The same change. 
You are an oxymoron. Aiming for what is not conventional yet yearning for what is bland. It's confusing really. Disheartening at worst.

Why does your heart skip a beat when you hear or see what is not the norm?
Do you believe that other people also have their own truths? 
Would you rather live in your own reality? Forever?

One thing I have continued to learn in life is that people see, experience and live life differently to others. I have come to understand the term individual more as the days go by. It means that there is no one standard way of experiencing/understanding/seeing life. There is no right/proper/perfect way of doing so also. There is preference though. People do see one method and prefer it to another, sometimes we prefer someone else's method of living life over our very own method. Whose method do you prefer?

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Published by Aphelele 'Aphsie' Chonco