"Let me tell you something. I'm from Chicago. I don't break." -Barack Obama


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Have you always known that Chicago is called the "windy city?" If you google it, you will probably read an article or two on the various reasons why it is called as such. For the purpose of this entry, we want to direct our focus solely on one particular reason and that is, Chicago buildings are constructed so tall that the wind gets sucked down.

Even in summer, the Chicago wind is something one would not miss while visiting the city. While we expected the worst on our recent trip on June 23 to 26, the weather turned out to be not "bad" at all. Those four days were all good for a nice walk in the park (like literally, Chicago has a lot of parks to go to). This is why we opted to aptly use the term "breeze" in this blog post.

We did check on Accuweather before the trip as we were planning on what to wear. However, as what a friend who recently bought a house in the area told us, Chicago is a city where you sometimes get to experience 4 seasons in 1 day and Accuweather is not 100% accurate, so it's better to be cautious and ready. If you have the same dilemma as us, packing for a trip in Chicago in the summer or any place else where the weather can range from sunny to windy at this time of the year, here are some of the stylish clothes you can wear:


  • Romper

This style is very easy to wear and at the same time very comfortable. You don't have to worry about a sudden gush of wind showing your underpants nor feel hot if the scorching sun decides to show up the whole day. The only drawback would be the hassle in using the toilet. But other than that, this is a stylish way to enjoy the summer breeze.


On Gwend:  Asos white flower lined lace romper with jewelled colar, Louis Vuitton alma BB ballerine, Zara light pink espadrilles

  • High-Low Tunic blouse

This type of blouse can be paired with shorts or jeans, depending on what you deem as more comfortable. If you feel like taking a dramatic photo, high-low tunics can sway beautifully with the wind. The major concern with this style is to find a perfectly fitting tunic because some are too lengthy that they reach the floor (and unnecessarily sweep off dust wherever you go).


On Gel: blue and white striped high-low tunic blouse, dark blue shorts (not pictured), Prada saffiano in cobalt blue, gold ballet flats

  • Jumpsuit

Like the romper, jumpsuits are fashionable clothes that you can wear in a windy or sunny city. Our tip is to go for the loose ones so that you can move around freely and you don't feel too hot nor conscious if it gets really sunny and you start sweating. Plus, jumpsuits look very classy when you flaunt them with confidence.


On Gwend: kimono sleeve jumpsuit, Louis Vuitton alma BB ballerine, LC Lauren Conrad fawn blush heels, accessorized with long gold layered necklace and a black velvet choker.

  • Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are versatile pieces of clothing that you can wear almost anywhere. Depending on the style, you can either wear it in semi-formal or dressy casual events. A-line, skater skirts and short dresses may be discouraged in windy cities but maxi dresses are great alternatives if you are going for the girly-comfy combination.


On Gel: open back flower print maxi dress, Prada saffiano in cobalt blue

Readers, taking from our experience, these are 4 stylish clothing suggestions that we can give if you plan on going on a trip to both sunny or windy cities. Please let us know if you have more suggestions. Share your fashion tips as well. The comment area is always open. Thank you!


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