Last friday something at school happened that opened my eyes again in quite a long time. Something that made me think about myself and how some people cannot deal with a situation like that at all.

Last friday I had the subject music at my school. We got the assignment that we needed to choose two songs and play them on instruments. We already chose one song, which was a children's song, but we still needed to choose one other song. I wanted and english song and a couple in my little group wanted a dutch song. We then came to a song that had english and dutch. Matt Simons song To the water is also recorded together with a dutch singer names Marco Borsato. The song is then called in dutch 'Breng me naar het water'. We thought it was a good choice because it was an emotional song and a somewhat slow song, which was good because our other song was more upbeat. But when we played it to look if it was doable, two classmates (also my friends) came in our room after each other and one told us to shut it of and the other also told her reason why to not play it. When I thought about it I also said to my little group that I understood what they ment, because it is such an emotional song. But two in my group didn't understand at all. They were flabbergasted and just started to shoot at one of them that it was strange and weird. One actually said: "If the song is on the radio you are also not going to call the radio dj right" and when I heard that I was literally shocked and I really didn't know what I needed to say at that moment. Afterwards I think I just needed to say to her to not be so unrespectful to the others, but at the moment I was flabbergasted. The atmosphere was really tense and I said to them that I was sorry and that it was stupid of me not to think about that first, because I have the exact same thing with another song. After that everything was good again between us, but those other two still had some tension between them. One of my friends asked if they needed to talk about it to the person that said that about the radio dj. I told her that it was a good thing to talk about it, but that it maybe was a good idea to do it a bit later because the frustration and emotions were pretty high still. Another friends agreed with me so she decided to do it after the next class. We also talked a bit more and I apologized again and it was totally fine. 

When our next class was over one of my friend got to my classmate and told her that she wanted to talk because she still had a not okay feeling. And then something happened that I couldn't understand. My classmate said that it she was feeling the same but she couldn't talk at the moment because she was going to eat with another of our classmates (the same girl who also couldn't understand) somewhere in town at a fast food place and they just left. I wasn't there when it happened but when I heard it I was so pissed. It is such an emotional thing that happened so much sadness that we as a little group created and I just couldn't and still cannot understand that you can react like that. It is just shameful and not okay to do that.

I learned from friday that I need to look out with what I choose. And I know that those to girls do not have any empathy for the feelings for someone else and I think that it is something that we all should have. Now were in the weekend and on Mondays and Tuesdays we all have our internship, so there are now four days going over it and it is still not talked out by them and that is something that I think is not okay. I learned from my parents that you always need to talk things out before you go to bed, or before you go away if it is not your home, because there is always a small chance you will never see those people again. So please just talk things like this out before you leave. Even the smallest of things. Talk things through and do not lay it down.

For now I sign off.

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