Side tracked by emotions, guiding the steering wheel to road rage uncontrollably missing the stops that may push me onto a different level of success that is needed or not needed at this time. I often drift into a corner alone. Allowing things to just pass by. As if I am in my own parallel world and I can’t seem to find a way out. Comfortable in the space I am in, I feel free. Not free to go as I please, or even travel the world free. But free to just be at peace. Alone. Away from all human contact. At peace.  Drowning myself in hopes and emotions I have so longed for. Stopping me from allowing all new information that could help me in.

Why? Why do I feel its ok to never contact with the outside world? As if I could live in a bubble similar to bubble boy never been touched only seen. Never afraid of what would or could happen. Never missing out on things I wish I had token advantaged of. No longer do I want this lingering emotion of disconnect to affect my future purpose. I want to help people, in all ways I am able. I can’t do so; hiding from every living being. It’s just something in me that keeps me away. Away for a little is not bad, yet when it becomes a habit. Then being away become escaping… escaping what?

How will you help while trying to run…. Is it because you felt unworthy to help? Is it because you felt too broken to trust even your own heart? Is it because the doubt of things you don’t have trumpet’s the things you do?

Did you forget that God our lord Jesus has already given you the tools needed to create your purpose through self? Now you must trust and follow what he has provided you. We all are tools in this mission set on earth by Jesus…. We must first trust that he knows better. What he has created for you and in you already equips you of being better. Also so knowing just as bubble boy Jesus is our shield from all harm.  Nothing will get to us, before passing him. Faith is the substance of things not seen, evidence of things not heard.  (Heb. 11:1)

I will no longer hide in my own way. Yet trusting God, knowing he has made my way! Clear, Beautiful and well worth growing through.

May God continue blessing and protecting you! I have you all in my prayers!


Published by Cierra Nicole Crews