Adonai wanted me today to share something personal with you because there are some of you who needs some encouragement. Being taught the word of Yahweh is encouragement in itself, but sometimes, we are exposed to so much hardship in our lives we need to hear some testimonies so we know that we are being taught works in real life.

It seems like a long time ago now, that day when I realized my wife and I had made some sinful financial decisions that could not be reversed and I started seeing the consequences of it. I still remember that feeling, it felt like I was on a moving runaway train and I just had to hold on for dear life.

Back then my biggest fear was a foreclosure on our house. I remember I was unable to see how we would manage a foreclosure. In a foreclosure you loose all control over the process and you just have to accept what is happening to you. If you sell by your own free will you will still have some control over the process. But at that time I did not see how we would be able to manage a foreclosure or a sale by our own free will.

My wife was sick at the time (now we know it was because of mold in the house) so I knew I would be left alone with most of the work if we had to accept a foreclosure. And I knew I would be left alone with most of the work if we where to sell by our own free will. So I remember crying out to Adonai for some way to keep the house. And I remember Adonai making me one promise, He promised me nobody would take our house from us. So we would not have to face a foreclosure.

To make a long story short, time went by and Adonai did something on the inside of me in my mind, will and emotions. So when I got the first notice of foreclosure spring of 2016 it did not feel like a disaster. At that time it felt like a relief to have to sell the house. But I still knew I would not be able to manage a foreclosure by myself, so I knew we had to sell by our own free will to keep some control over the process.

I did not know where we would live, how we would move an entire house, how we would pay for the move or when and how we would sell the house. So I applied for a permission to sell by our own free will instead of accepting a foreclosure and I started looking for an apartment for us.

My application was accepted and we where given permission to go ahead with a sale. So I contacted a real estate agent and my wife and I started looking for an apartment.

Without warning our real estate agent called one day and said she cancelled the contract with us. We never got any real explanation why. So suddenly we were faced with a new possibility of foreclosure. I tried 2 more real estate agents, they had one look at our house and refused to even try. We believe it has something to do with the contractor who built the house, he has a bad reputation.

The 3 real estate agent we contacted looked at our house and said they where willing to try to sell it. At the same time we had found a very beautiful small and not to expensive apartment to rent. But of course, it would be a challenge to move an entire big house into a small apartment.

I knew we had to sell and we had to move, but I also knew I would never manage to move an entire house by myself. So I knew we needed a professional moving company but I also knew we had no money to pay them with.

So we booked a moving company that came to move for us. They packed our entire house and it turned out to be 3 large shipping containers of stuff that had accumulated during the years. I dont know how, but they actually managed to fit all of that stuff into our small apartment.

After they had moved for us we made an arrangement that we would pay them with the sale of the house. What we did not know at the time was how long it would take to sell it. The pre sale inspection uncovered a lot of hidden construction errors that sent the value of the house plummeting. We could have managed to pay almost all our debts by selling that house if it had been in good condition, but instead we had to accept a very low asking price way below what we needed.

Our creditors had secured their financial claim in our house, so our real estate agent had to ask for their permission to sell it. That in itself took 3 months.

So suddenly we found ourself unable to pay the moving company, and they became a new creditor. But we had moved, and the house was ready to be sold. And all of the sudden we started seeing improvements in our healths after we had moved into our new apartment.

Then we realized how much of our health issues was connected to the house, and the mold that was uncovered by the pre sale inspection. The mold was caused by the construction errors, water had leaked into the walls because the contractor had not isolated them properly when he built the house. And mold was growing and spreading all through the house without us knowing it but we felt the effects of it.

Even though we did not live in the house anymore we still had things there. Things we had no room for in the apartment. So for the next 3 months I had to work every weekend in the house sorting through what was left and trying to figure out how and where we could store it.

Needles to say we threw away a lot of stuff. Stuff we did not need anymore and stuff we had no room for. And we where graced with free storage at work for some of it. But it was hard to work a full time job, and then use the weekends working in the house alone sorting through stuff and trying alone to find out what to do with it all.

Months went by and the house went on the market in October/November of last year. Most of the people who came for the viewings left the moment they heard the name of the contractor but one guy stayed. And he bought the house, so we have just sold it and Adonai came through on His promise. The house was not taken from us, we sold it by our own free will.

Our plans was to sell the house and pay of our debt. But we had to sell it at a very low asking price because of the construction errors. So we where only able to pay of 50% of our debt.

I have to admit the last year was a rough year,  a challenging year with a lot of chaos and confusion. But also a year where we got to see the grace of Adonai at work in our lives. So I can testify that He has carried us through it all. And if He has carried is so far He will continue to carry us through the rest of this trial.

One of the things I learned from this is to trust Him. When I trusted His death for my sins things started happening. I would not say I understand it all, I dont understand why He chose to use a moving company we could not pay. But I am happy and thankful He did not expect me to move the entire house by myself. I dont understand why we still have 50% of our debt left, but I know He has a solution for this as well.

I still find it very difficult and sometimes impossible to open our regular mail. Its very challenging to open bills you know you can not pay. But I trust Him to make a way for us, even if it is a way I dont understand right away.

For me personally I have always struggled some with trusting Him for provision. Looking back to the last year one my greatest struggles have been choosing to trust Him when all my circumstances is telling me the opposite.

One of the things that changed this for me was discovering my jewish ancestry. I did not know I was a jew, I did not know my grandmother and great grandmother on my mothers side were jews. And I did not know they were all jews on my mothers side, all the way back to my 4 th great grandfather and quite possible beyond him as well.

When this happened something clicked on the inside of me and I felt complete for the first time in my life.

Dont get me wrong, this was something for me personally, so I am not saying we all have to become jewish. And I am not saying we all have to discover who our ancestors were to be able to have Adonai´s help. No not at all, because there is only 1 source to all we need and that is Yeshua and His death for us on the cross.

But for me personally, for reasons I so far do not understand, this was something important that had to happen. Now as a jew who trusts in Yeshua dying for me on the cross, I feel much more closer to Adonai then ever before. I am much more able to hear His voice then ever before and I have much more hope and faith then I have ever had.

So even though I do not know how we are going to pay of the remaining 50% of our debt I know Yahweh Yireh my Adonai will provide. I do not know how, but Abraham did not know how Yahweh was going to provide a sacrifice when he was told to give up his son as a sacrifice. He just did what I am doing, trusting in the sacrifice of our Adonai Yeshua and that is enough.

So I felt I needed to share this as an encouragement to my readers. I know many of you are going through hard times right now. And sometimes we get this wrong impression that being in ministry is a walk in the park and us ministers are free from lives many hardship and trails. That is so far from the truth, we have the same challenges and trials as you do.

And I am hoping you will be inspired by my story to see there is hope. Even in the darkest of hours there is hope, but hope does not come by itself. We have to choose what to focus on. If we choose to focus on the darkness that engulfs us we do not see the hope that is there. If we on the other hand focuses on the hope that is there, then we see what we have in the cross.

So there is a cross in the midst of your situation that is speaking of hope, of provision, of healing, of victory and joy. Just make the decision to turn your eyes on Yeshua on the cross and you will see there is a way and He is fighting for you on your behalf.

Published by Apostle Ernie