Sarah could feel something moving behind her, she felt a cold shiver running down her spine. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She felt a cold breath at the back of her neck. She stood frozen, as though transfixed by a magical spell."Turn around" he growled. Her body started trembling with fear. She was too terrified to move. He grew angry and roughly pulled her so that she was facing him. She looked up with wide, fearful eyes. She could barely make out his features, she could see that he had tan skin, an angular nose and long lashes framing a pair of ferocious brow eyes. A black scarf-like material covered most of his face. 

This was it, she thought to herself. I'm practically dead, there no escaping now. He was definitely one of them, from what she had heard on the news, each one of them were cruel and did not show mercy to anyone. They would enslave her and force her to do terrible things. 
The man viciously grabbed her hair and pulled her with force. She felt a searing pain spread through her skull, she let out a sharp cry. He dragged her through the streets mercilessly. Her vision began to blur, she could barely see the other soldiers harassing many women and children. Reporters had said that they were heading in the direction of her town, she hadn't thought that it would happen this soon. Many of the rich folks of their town had fled to the capital, some had even flown out to other countries. It was the poor and weak ones who had been left behind. 
Her mind flashed to a recent memory, she remembered when her master had called her and told her that her services were no longer needed as they were moving away. She had felt an emptiness settle in her stomach. If they were moving away, it meant that she had no where to live and no source of income. She would be homeless and penny less. 
The soldier that was dragging her stopped walking, he let go of her head, she slumped on to the ground like a rag doll. "Stay down" he sneered. She had no energy to move, she lay on the ground, her breathing shallow. Tears of sorrow fell down from her eyes, this was how her life would end, at the hands of an oppressor. Some one shook her roughly, she lifted her head off the ground to look at who it was, it was the soldier. "Get up" he growled. She started trembling, she tried to get up but she couldn't. "I can't!" She cried. He let out a frustrated sigh and picked her up. She was shaking with fear. She looked up to see his face, she could only see his eyes, they were emotionless. "Where are you taking me?" She asked, her voice came out as a whisper. His eyes briefly looked at her, he just ignored her question. 
A loud bang could be heard, Sarah jumped in surprise. She could hear shouting and screaming. The soldier tightened his arms around her, "you might not want to look" he said, his voice gruff. Her eyes widened in shock. Had he just spoken to her, she looked around to see what was going on, people were being murdered. She saw a few soldiers kill a couple right in front of their children. Her heart couldn't take it anymore. She buried her head into his chest and let out a soft sob. What was going to happen? Why had the soldier helped her? She could feel his heart beat under her head, it was thumping as fast as hers. Maybe he was human after all, maybe he felt the pain too, maybe he used to feel pain but he's seen so much that it doesn't effect him anymore. Maybe he felt empty too. 
She felt her eyes closing, she tried to stay awake but she couldn't. She thought about how the wise man of her town had said that all this fighting was a sign that the world was about to end. As she felt herself drift into a dark dream, she only had one thought in her mind. Her world had ended a long time ago. 

Published by Aatika Seedat