They act like it was nothing,
only a story—

     made up,



Like I was an actress
playing my finest role yet.


The audience glared
as the curtains rose,
waiting with ardent anticipation
for its destined finale.


Words were thrown at me—
a few like roses,

     most like spears.


Some skidded past, barely missing their mark
and some stabbed, leaving me wounded and scarred.


But eventually, all the sounds began to muffle.
and all I could hear was the laughter,
the bantering,


          and cackling—

     that taunted,

          and haunted my ears.


I tried to ignore it. I tried to keep steady.


But the spotlight burned too brightly
and I could no longer bear the noise.
So around my neck, I wrapped
the curtain’s rope, and rested it on my shoulders,
then fell

     to the will

          of the crowd.


As I danced along the stage,
with my hair dangling in front of my face,
I swayed

     from side

to side.


Yet my feet never met the ground.

There, I was suspended
for all eyes to see.


Now that the curtains have closed,
they act like it was nothing—
only a story.

Published by Allison Nicole