As you wonder about the usage of the article “and” in the title, let me tell you, for many of you it might almost sound like “Game of thrones and the Spirit of living” – you can’t be more right! When I was in my college, I owned a cream colored pant with a distinct checkered design. My friend asked me to wear it for one of the lab sessions. When I questioned him about the weird request, he said and I quote: “I ran out of logarithmic graph sheet; I thought your pants will come in handy” Pretty exciting times eh? 😛
So what does fashion mean to an engineering boy? Just like he goes late to classes, probably he also ends up tuning in late to fashion shows that he catches only bloopers and ends up thinking, that is fashion! If a guy looks fashionable in college he has either got a date or he is anxiously trying to impress his crush with a pipe dream that she’ll break up with her boyfriend. Besides these casanovas, for the vast majority, fashion is an F word. Not that they don’t want to embrace it but just that they can’t – I meant fashion. If you get really curious, gear up and open his wardrobe to see what he has, a cat would run out. Because wardrobe is a failed concept for an engineering boy. He already knows what he is gonna wear for the next week, he is already wearing it! – A tattered jeans, a round neck from last year’s cult fest, a band on the wrist and a worn out pair of flip flops. Steve jobs always wore the same blue turtle neck because he didn’t want to clutter his mind with unwanted decisions every morning. It’s just a random thought; nothing to do with engineering fashion. They have way too much time in the day and void in the head to worry about cluttering. But every once in a while they hire the janitor to clean the room coz it hurts his conscience to get money for Diwali without doing any work. And just so you know, Diwali comes once a year. But even in this state of being, a day comes called the Ethnic day – the one day they hail Jockey, lest wardrobe malfunctions could cost them dear. As their T-shirt collars fade in time, a moment arrives when they sit for placements. They are asked to wear formals. The first day I wore them, my mom chased me out of our house saying she needs no Aquaguard. On the start of this placement season, there’ll be a serpentine queue in front of one guy’s room. No! it’s not for placement notes, it is to tie the damn tie! I’m proud to say, I was that guy in my hostel. And if anyone didn’t get a job, I would like to believe, it was not because of the frog in his neck. Finally, once they get placed and they are in the last semester, their jeans start coming down and before you over-estimate their capability let me clarify that I was referring to low-hip jeans. And there it goes, 4 years of engineering in two pairs of jeans. That’s austerity!

So, to conclude, if I were to paraphrase the nursery rhyme “Chubby cheeks; Dimple chin”, for an engineering boy, it’d go somewhat like this:

Stubbly cheeks, goatee chin
grey lips, last puff within
shabby hair, time to spare
eyes so red, read all night?
Two shots down ‘n slept real tight!

Published by Rajbarath KR