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Location: Wiltshire, West England.

From London: London Waterloo to Salisbury in 1hr 40mins

Attractions: Salisbury Cathedral, Water Meadows, Country Pubs and shopping.


Explore: Salisbury Cathedral & The Water Meadows

Nestled in the leafy green towns of the West Country, Salisbury is a cathedral city of cricket whites and cream teas. It truly is a pocket of quintessential British beauty.

The principle attraction of the city is Salisbury Cathedral. It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Britain, the main body of it was built between 1220 and 1258 and its spire stands as the tallest in England at 123 metres. The Cathedral itself is utterly beautiful both outside and in, with its intricate beauty weaving into every corner. From the breath taking stone work on the outside, to the calm of the inner courtyard and serenity of the cloisters. The cathedral green outside is bordered with picture perfect English country houses filled with rose lined lawns and stone garden walls. One in particular holds a fascinating history within its walls. It was once home to the British Prime Minister Edward Heath and houses an amazing collection of art, army memorabilia and political and historical documents from some of the most fascinating moments of the 20th century. I could stroll round the little lanes and wander at the houses for hours!

Just behind the Cathedral greens are the Harnham water meadows. The flat lands are perfectly picturesque and resemble something straight from the book The Wind and the Willows. The flat meadows are a perfect spot for picnicking on a sunny day or just go for a picturesque walk on days when it slightly chillier (as it often is in England!) although the flat lands can be used as a flood relief during the winter so a walk could potentially turn into a paddle!


Pubs: The Kings Head Inn & The Green Man

Nothing finishes off a day in the English countryside better than a refreshing drink in the early evening sun. Both the Kings Head Inn and The Green Man allow you to sit outside in their sun soaked gardens next to the river, allowing you to unwind with a beer in a summer breeze. Both pubs are located just on the edge of the main town centre and easy to access. The rest of the town centre is filled with local restaurants ranging from artisan coffee shops to Thai tapas so there’s something for every palate!


Explore: Stonehenge & Salisbury Plains

I believe driving through Wiltshire is much like driving through a pocket of England’s paradise. If you take a drive out from Salisbury, make sure to take in the breath taking views of the Salisbury plains surrounding the city – the land is so flat you can see the green fields of England stretched out before you for miles. The true wander lying on the city borders however is Stonehenge. It is one of the most recognised pieces of natural landscape in the country. It’s history and story evokes a feeling of magic and mystery for all those who visit.


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Published by Alexandra Keates