The solitude we feel, the separation within

Is Gods way of teaching us to come home to him

To remember we're a part, of something much bigger

To have courage of heart, and truly look in the mirror

You see we are all fractals of that one point of light

Each a piece of creation, each a piece of the divine

Loved throughout every moment, by an infinite heart

We get all that we ask for, so be careful with them thoughts

Creation does not differentiate, between right nor wrong

No judgement is handed, except by you alone

The heaven the father speaks of, is the next mansion you see

There is no hell to speak of, except that which you create

So in an unbiased universe, that holds you so dear

You get what you give, reap what you sow if you will

Its all part of learning, of progressing the soul

Too enjoy the wonderful journey, on your way back to god



Tambara Lilly

Published by Tambara Lilly