As the hustle and bustle of Christmas is at its highest peak, we are in need of some relaxation. Let's smell the cold, crisp air. Let's wrap our scarves a little tighter as we walk through the sea of consumers and children. No matter what feelings you may have about this holiday, you can't help but feel the need for family or friend gatherings, which makes this time very enjoyable. The more I get older, the presents aren't as important, and more of a test of the mind as you figure out what he may like or what she may love. I still like the challenge. 

As we continue on to 2017, and maybe a lot is at stake, at least take this time to focus on who you love and what you cherish because 2016 will never come again. Just curling up to a movie or a book in sweats is soothing to me and will be my uniform these couple of days. Whatever you want to do do it, because it's only for a time and enjoy while it lasts.

Blessings to everyone!! No matter if you have family near or far, we are never alone. They can be the friends you hold dear but you share the same heart. So give them a hug, a high five and tell them everything is going to be alright and enjoy the rest of you night!

Happy Holidays!!

Published by Samantha Hinds