So Here We are! We do know that traveling is one of the best things in the universe, but how do you do it when you are heart broken? 

So Here i have a friend who booked everything and set everything up, spent so much money to only not have that date happened. OMG Right! not just omg! More like What the?? then exactly a day later person acts like its literally just nothing. dududun heartbreak music turns on.

So Here are ways to enjoy traveling while carrying that baggage on your shoulder, You won't Know maybe on one of those trips you meet a boy or a girl who will never break your heart.

Be Friendly. NO one i repeat no one usually wants to be alone with the exemption of buying underwear and taking a bath.  It shouldn't hurt to talk to a couple of people and ask for help so go on my lovely people mingle with others as it helps form friendships.

Go Climbing. Well on times that soul searching is needed up the mountains you go! and when you reach to take a selfie and after scream to the world all of your "Hinanakit kay EX" then afterwards forget she ever existed in your world. 

Go Eating. Eating always makes things better weather it be junk food, Fast food, Ice Cream and Fine Dining, Food Will always be food and it will always be the one most people run to. Ice Cream Knows this so much. Ice Cream + Fries the best Combination in history, Don't Forget Chocolate Cake, Though you'll literally get terrible teeth after.


But probably the best advice here is to let go while you still can and to re evaluate your feelings towards each other, If it doesn't work then let bygones be bygones and move on together keep the friendship. Friendship leads to a whole new world sometimes.


Thank You for taking the time to read!

Hyejiboo ~ <3

Published by Kimberly Anne See