Enon flee plan et lor, Sors circulus
fours, course paths a portal floor
engorged orbs, light circuits who cares for

surface deep keeps of scintillating glow atom people, sleep beeping
drifting lanes, drain flames
no size is reality

so what is this, then
the largest thing is, nothing

Bonds, trace mounds into the Earth
seams are felt, edged wet blade skates on thin
who does not want, time to time
enfoldment in lights, cool mass to see heights you will first

I did not know it would be like this
there is nothing you can do, or not
only us
watch a cloud grow, move, disappear
watch a cloud deep, there is fear

Cease, yet not desist
no point of direction, is a point
bliss, no bliss
there is, no crypt
only those who build them

Vision sift


Blog post: https://docsuesszueszen.com/2016/06/18/enkyrpto-z/

Published by Tom Lopes