It is not only the rich who require home surveillance cameras. We have seen that thefts and vandalism is rampant these days. There is no other way to keep your family, property and business safe except making a choice of the home surveillance cameras. These systems are affordable and thus can fit into all types of budgets. These systems are now days better in appearance and functionality so work apt for all types of homes. Besides, the wireless systems eliminate the hassle of getting your total home wired. Before making a choice of any of these systems, it is beneficial it gets some information and knowledge on these. 

Different Types of Home Surveillance Cameras:

Outdoor Surveillance Systems:

These cameras are discrete and are a big help in catching intruders. These cameras opted for on the larger side work as deterrents for criminals wanting to break in. Tough and sturdy, these cameras can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Lens on these are protected by wipers and they are water proof. You might need more than one camera to keep a watch on the property.

Indoor Home Surveillance:

Indoor cameras are required by those who need to keep a watch on the babysitter, construction workers or anyone at home when you are not physically present there. Multiple rooms can be monitored at the same time.

Wireless and Wired:

Cameras used for surveillance either need a power cord with Ethernet connection or connection to the power supply with wires. by opting for wired surveillance systems, you can look forward to a better picture quality with no interference. The installation might be an additional expenditure.

Wireless cameras tend to be discreet and smaller in size. The system tends to fail if there is a problem with the internet. It is advisable to opt for back-up with the help of a battery. You can also make this system more efficient by opting for another router.

Type of Camera Required:

The number of cameras required depends on the area where you need this surveillance. Find out exactly how you intend using these cameras so that you can look for the apt features.

Shape of the Camera:

  • Traditional cameras like the box cameras tend to be on the heavier side and are more suitable for the outdoors.
  • A smaller version of the box cameras is the bullet camera, which is mounted on the one side of the wall in the outside.
  • A Tilt/pan/Zoom camera tends to apt for zoom and remote directional control. You are comfortable in seeing more area with fewer cameras. Most of these are dome shaped.
  • For indoors you require the dome cameras which can be positioned easily on a flat surface or probably hung from a ceiling. This dome covering can protect the cameras from theft and vandalism.

Factors to be considered:

Before you opt for a specific type of home surveillance cameras , it is important to consider certain factors. This can ensure you make the right choice.

1. Area to be covered:

The layout and the area which needs to be covered can make a difference to the surveillance system.  If you need surveillance for more than one room it is advisable to opt for multiple cameras.

2. Budget:

As these surveillance systems are available in wide price range it is necessary that a homeowner works out the budget even before conducting a research.

3. Warranty and Quality:

Since you are investing for safety and security of your family and property it is advisable to make sure that you opt for a good quality system. For the best return on your investment, it is advisable to check out the warranty.

Choosing a surveillance system is not as difficult as it seems to be. All you need to do is list out your requirements and your budget and conduct an online search. 

Published by Zac Ferry