Today’s day trip out to meet a friend for lunch was sponsored by an epic Mama Fail. 

Picture the scene…..I not only managed to get out of the house alive with two under two, but we were on time meeting said friend. Feeling smug and generally winning at life; we had a fabulous catch up where the newborn slept and was all squishy yumminess and the toddler was the star of the show. Well behaved and making us all giggle. 

A little shopping afterwards we had to stop a few times to meet the demands of a cluster feeding newborn which is when I bought the bear a cute little pen with a cat and fluff on for a couple of quid to keep her occupied…cute and she loved it; win win right? Wrong. 
I had to pull over halfway home for another little newborn top up feed which is when I glanced back to see pen everywhere. On her shoes, on her hands, on her clothes and on the ridiculously expensive bright orange car seat. 

Me: “Have you drawn everywhere?” 

The Bear: “Yep!” (giggles) 

What else could I say?  I guess if you ask a simple question you’ll get a simple answer. Rookie mistake mama, rookie mistake. Lesson learnt though, ALWAYS take the pen away from the toddler!!! 

What about you?  Any parenting fails recently which delivered a steep learning curve? 

Published by Vicki Coombe