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Everything was unexpected.

I tried my only chance in winning a ticket for Epik High’s concert – since I’m not good in rapping for the rap battle nor that creative for the shoebox making – which was joining Ms. Happee Sy’s Epik High story contest. Then hold and behold, I won tickets for me and my friend! (Shoutout to Ms. Happee, Thank you very muuuuuch!)

April 18, 2015 – the day of the concert at SM North Edsa, Skydome. After getting our concert wrist strap, we entered the venue immediately after we were allowed to. Since official merchandise were sold inside the venue, I was expecting that I’ll be able to buy Epik High’s baller. Unfortunately, it was sold out instantly! So I have no choice but to go to the concert without any official merchandise.

Dj Tukutz’ Booth. ^^v

Everyone was cheering and waiting for Epik High to come out. And as the lights were out, ‘Encore,’ was playing and DJ Tukutz shouted, “What’s up Manila?” The song was followed by ‘Fly.’

Epik High introduced their selves one by one by singing their names. What I remembed during that time were Tablo and Mithra speaking in Tagalog. Tablo said, “Salamat po (Thank you). My Name is Tablo.” While Mithra speaking Tagalog made the whole dome laugh since he said, “Mahal ko si ako! (I love myself!)” Now, now Mithra, I think Filipino High Skools now knows that you love yourself!

The concert place turned like a club with Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz telling us to either scream, jump, or clap. This time, I was absolutely sure that I can only here: “Waaaaaaaaaaah! Wooooooh!” since I was one of the audience who screamed.

Epik High did not only sang songs from their ‘Shoebox’ album, but also sang few of their old songs such as, ‘Love, Love, Love’ and ‘Fan.’ At this point, some High Skools in front showed their ‘Shoebox’ album and Epik High signed them!!

During the concert, DJ Tukutz and Tablo mentioned about how the weather in the Philippines was so hot.

DJ Tukutz: “I think hot is better than cold!”
Tablo: “I think Manila’s weather is perfectly hot!”

And that’s when they sang “It’s Cold.”

Epik High’s fan service was totally epik! Not only they signed some albums but also took fans’ phone and had some selcas, threw water and towels to the fans (sounds rude but totally epik!) – which I was so envy! Very lucky fans!!

When it comes to fan chants.. wait fan chants? Or more like a “sing-along concert.” That’s how Filipino fans crave to see an artist to perform live. During ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ everyone, as in everyone sang along with Tablo! Well, I think that was very predictable since like what I said: 1. Filipinos tend to sing along and 2. the song was in English! It was such a nice scene to witness and be part of it. In addition, during ‘Burj Khalifa’ everyone shouted and of course to emphasized, “My High Is Epik!”

Everyone even got more hyped as Epik High talked about inviting them again to visit the Philippines and next time even bringing our krung-krung, Dara. Tablo even mentioned (correct me if I’m wrong), that next time they will have a YG Family concert here in Manila!! How amazing is that?!

The 1 hour and 30 minutes concert ended with Born Hater and Don’t Hate Me. It was short however, every second of it was priceless!! Epik High really made it to the point that everyone will enjoy the show and go home with a smile and memory to cherish forever.

Thank you Tablo, DJ Tukutz, and Mithra Jin!


1. Encore
2. Fly
3. Up
4. Burj Khalifa
5. It’s Cold
6. Umbrella
7. Map The Soul
8. Happen Ending
9. Love Love Love
10. Eyes, Nose, Lips (English Ver.) – Tablo
11. Kill This Love
12. High Technology
13. One
14. New Beautiful
15. Fan
16. Born Hater
17. Don’t Hate Me

Note: If the arrangement of my description about the concert is not in order, forgive me! Tbh, all I remembered doing were taking videos and pictures, screaming, singing, and jumping. (Will try to edit this out as soon I get my sense back. Here’s to a concert hangover!)

 ©  to Pulp Live World for the Epik High Concert Parade poster; KPOP Concert PH for the setlist

Published by Carleen L