I’ve seen pictures of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip walking.  I have no idea where they were but it was obvious that the Prince was walking a few paces behind the Queen.  I researched but could find no articles stating if this was an official requirement, but it does seem to be.  It appears that the Prince needs to walk behind the Queen and a Queen is to walk behind the King. At public functions, the ruling monarch walks ahead of everyone, including their spouse or children.

    When reading about Jesus, it seems He had no problem with people walking beside or in front of Him.  Even though He was God incarnate on the earth, even higher than a king, He encouraged common people to walk with Him.  He went out of His way to be with the people, to put Himself on their level.

    The same is still true today.  Jesus still goes out of His way to come to our level and meet us where we are.  We do not need to live a life that is up to a standard of perfection.  Whatever our life is like, Jesus will meet us there.  When we allow ourselves to be called to walk beside Him, He will help us get to the place we need to be.

Published by Ray Richards