Racism and discrimination have been a topic of discussion for hundreds of years. As many of you may know, there have recently been shootings and marches to help end racism. Though these protests have been mainly for black people equality, I'm getting the feeling that some people do not understand the bigger picture. It's not just black people that need help to end discrimination, there are other races that receive the same racist comments in their life and culture. This is hurting our country and tearing us apart. It is understandable that people have their views and have been taught the same morals as those before them for many generations; but now can be the time to change that. We can be the generation to finally bring peace to this country and end the violence that has gone on for so many years. For those of you who have a racist or biased view on others, try to see things from their point of view. You don't really know someone unless you've walked a mile in their shoes. How would you feel if you constantly had a label on your back and people treated you differently because of it? How would you feel if someone treated you badly and blamed you for something you had no power to change. Whether you have a racist or biased view towards people of different skin color or even gender preference, you have no right to put a label on them. No one deserves to be treated differently just because of their personality or skin color or sexual preference. It's the golden rule, treat people the way you want to be treated, and you will get the same respect you give them. I myself, used to have a bit of a racist view on black people to be completely honest with you. It was because of something that happened to me in my past and that altered my views a bit; but now I have grown and matured and accepted and forgiven what happened to me and my views have changed. I no longer have a racist opinion on black people and have healed the wounds inflicted upon me, both physically and mentally. This just goes to show that people can change if they are willing. We can end the bias and discrimination against others and bring peace. We can change the views of others and show people that we are one. We are one country, the land of peace and freedom, and all are created people no matter who they are. I have hope that in my lifetime racism will end and our country will finally live as brothers and sisters. We will be able to stand side by side and be completely equal. For those of you who also want to end racism and bias, I applaud you. You are taking steps and helping our country make progress to the land of true freedom. The people who are peacefully protesting and marching are going about this situation the right way. To make peace, we must protest in peace, and make our country the best it can be. We can form a beautiful country full of beautiful people of every race and gender.


Published by Angel dc