On July 18, 2016, In the parking lot of their dance studio, On Tha Brink had the privilege to meet with another local dancer, Eric “Realistk” Stephens. Realistik is a young man with a message to the world. As someone who has struggled with finding their identity, Realisitk has started to surround himself with people who have his best interest at heart; people who encourage him to be better. Realistik is an inspiration to On Tha Brink because of this positive attitude and motivational message.  He encourages aspiring Sacramento artists and businesspeople to “Stand Up!” “If you have an idea to help out the world, do it. You will have plenty of people to help you out.” He said to us, right before he showed us some of his dance moves.

Realistik has gone through a transformation since he started dancing. This transformation has helped him grow and become a positive role model, not only to the dancing world, but to others who have faced the same struggle. Realistik is the alias that Eric goes by now, but it wasn’t his first and definitely won’t be his last as he continues his personal journey. Realistik stated out as Hygenik, which was the name he gave in order to find himself. This name came about when he was trying to fit in with people who didn’t have his best interest at heart. Next, he became Eternal, which was an improvement of Hygenik. This name derived from meeting new people who taught him how to appreciate himself more while encouraging him to explore who he is within. Then he was Chaos. This was the person who became more comfortable with the dance battle scene here in Northern California. At this point in his life, he used dancing as a release from all the things that were going on in his life. Realistik, given to him by a fellow dancer, is where he is now; a positive person surrounded by positive people – a reality that he has made for himself.

Realisitk is someone that On Tha Brink is eager to follow on his journey of enlightenment and positivity. It is an inspiration to find someone who seeks this type of energy out. Please look forward to a feature of Realistik at the next LITM (Legends in the Making) Dance Tournament.

Check out the links to his interview. We apologize that you can barely hear the music, but you can clearly see that Realistik’s style is something to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for more of On Tha Brink.


Realistik Interview Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFyxPIa7ndc

Realisitk Interview Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y6rPIqJDjA


Published by Kristen Debler