I still can't believe it's today. At 15:30 I began the first leg of my journey which will eventually take me to Kuala Lumpur and beyond. Tomorrow I will be in the city of Berlin, hopefully soaking in some European sun, then on the 18th I will be off to Malaysia, and I'm very unsure when I will be back. The last few days have been weird, finishing at my job, saying good bye to old faces, favourite places and all the clutter we collect up, which we rarely need but equally don't want to leave behind. It was a challenge but I have managed to cram my life into a small(ish) bag and slung the rest in boxes which have been scattered across a few friends and helpful relatives, willing to look after it in case I should need it in the future. Honestly the whole things doesn't feel real yet, and I'm dreading the heat! Plus I still have all the last minute worry to go through, endlessly checking mental lists. I'm fed up with thinking about insurance policies, vaccinations, train tickets and exchange rates. But I'm on the train now, and although I don't arrive in Berlin until 11 o clock AM, even though I have another six hours of train journeys before I even arrive at the airport, where all I can look forward to is sleeping on a metal bench and eating over priced food, I have to say I'm very excited. Maybe it's the uncertainty, or just the prospect of seeing something new, or most likely my craving for delicious Malaysian street food, but I feel on the edge of my seat with  anticipation. What will tomorrow bring?

Published by James Vitaly Harding