In our childhood days, we often faced a situation of being pointed out in the crowd to do something which others follow. That is the time when a question arises in our mind, why me? But there are people in this world who don’t succumb under the dilemma of being chosen, but try to get into the phase of how to become the chosen. These personalities have one thing in common and that is, the ability of doing common things in uncommon ways. We always find an easy way to get success but these ignited minds always tend to take the unorthodox way to earn their success, so that even the milestones on the ways of success engrave their names and pave their paths with glory and enthusiasm.

Introducing Mr Manish Pharasi, Recipient of Prestigious Title, Global Author of the Year and an Iconic Life coach, who possesses that unmatchable spirit of changing lives through a very unconventional approach.

This Dehradun born IIT scholar started his career with Reliance Industries Ltd in the year 1995 and gave two years of his life to learn corporate whereabouts before joining MBA course in IBS Hyderabad, one of the most prestigious B schools of India and completed it in 1999. He subsequently worked in companies like Airtel, Agilent, Genpact, Wipro, Aon etc. across the globe in major continents.

In between, he had two stints into freelance consulting in the areas of quality management and business intelligence and also did workshops and trainings on personal excellence.

The darkest phase of his life started in the year 2001 when global meltdown forced him to stop his freelance work and go for an orthodox job, but a person like him can never be barricaded with such obstacles and he learned to see the positive aspects of life during the darkest phase of his career. For him, the definition of success is ‘progressive realization of a worthy ideal’, where he is the burning example.

In an extensive interview, he helped us to unveil his masterpiece work, his visions and his take on the key aspects of our country with a belief to take it to a different new level of opportunities and glory.

His take on converting profession into passion starts with the belief of one’s potential to achieve greatness and then only one can put entire passion into whatever one takes on as profession.
To overcome fear for the journey of unknown takes a great courage and who has the courage of overcoming that fear is called the Legend, the true change maker.

Manish has successfully overcome some of his biggest fears in life with his patience and perseverance. He overcame his shortcomings to become a person of repute with the help of his NLP techniques that is also one of the areas of his life coaching as well. He has authored five books till date and it is still counting.

The latest book of Manish named ‘Unveil the Incredible You’ gives a phenomenal chance to the readers to fulfill their long cherished desires of becoming successful which may still be kept at their minds’ deepest chambers.

The book contains total of 14 chapters along with 12 Incredible U principles which would pave paths for the readers to fetch success during their future endeavours. The book became an Amazon’s No 1 best seller and also fetched Manish a position amongst the Top 10 Impactful authors of 2017 from Indian Awaz as well as an International Author of the Year Award from Power is You Global Movement. Having already impacted close to 30000+ lives he is rightfully being hailed as “India’s Dynamic Change Maker”.

Published by Calida Jenkins