You can draw a dream with a pencilAn artist can make it possible. It is a tool which is related to our childhood memory.

Do you even think about drawing something without a pencil? I think not. Do you know how many types you can get for a pencil?

Because of the use, there are lots of verities you can find for a pencil.  Some popular types can be mentioned below.

Graphite Stick Pencil:

From the name, you can easily imagine that these pencils are made up of graphite which must solid stick. This is one of the common types of using.

You can see that there is a plastic coating. This plastic coating can keep your figure clean. This pencil can produce both thicker and bolder lines.

It is better than the other pencil types, especially the standard graphite pencil. Graphite stick pencil, basically uses as a drawing pencil.

If you are drawing something in a large paper and need to block in shadows, dark tones then this pencil is the ideal one.

Most of the people who love to draw must need this pencil for perfect drawing. If you need perfect hatching, then you can use this pencil.

It is able to produce bold and clear lines. This pencil also perfect for shading. If you know the technique of shading, then you can make the best use of it.

Making small lines and bunched it together is called hatching. These lines fill the color. At last, we can say that this pencil is perfect for making great darker shades to your portrait.

Coloured Pencil:

This type of pencils is known as drawing pencil or coloring pencils. This pencil is the most popular to almost every person, especially to the children.

This pencil is softened, then the other pencil-like even from the classroom pencil. Wax or oil is the raw material for this colour.

It is a combination of pigment additives. Not only for color but also the quality is different for this pencil. It also depends on the use. 

A pencil is not the latest invention. It has been used as an ancient writing instrument. It is the simplest artist media all the time.

Standard Graphite pencil:

This is pencil is the most common to use. Almost every person who is dealing with a pencil have this one. It is popular because it comes with lots of variations and hardness.

There are many standards you can get for this pencil. But it all depends on the demand and types of uses. Basically, it is labeled from 2H to 6B.

It leads to the hardness of the pencil. The higher the number the lead makes harder. On the other hand, the higher the number in favor of B, then the lead become softer.

You can make small lines with this pencil easily. Even it can look like a dash. This pencil is also ideal for stippling. If you want to draw Irish eyes then there is no better alternative without this pencil.

Charcoal Pencil:

This pencil also great types of pencil. Maybe you cannot use this pencil for general uses, but it still has a great application to many people.

This pencil is basically made of charcoal. It is compressed charcoal, which makes this pencil unique. This charcoal is very much soft but can make the deeper and richer blacks.

Some people use this pencil to make a quick sketch. You can easily move this pencil in a circular motion. It can be used with great technique. If you differ the pressure then it will be easy to create depth and texture.

Published by Zubair Hassan