Accessories aren't necessarily used by everybody in this particular season. Most prefer to just wear clothes and keep it simple by not carrying anything else with them. However, there are those that carry bags, wear sunglasses, hats, watches, etc... This is what will be spoken of in this post, if you haven't already noticed. I will be bringing upon you brands that make essential accessories for men and women so that you can easily get an idea of what to purchase this season or even next. Not to mention, they go with every summer outfit you can think of and aren't as pricey (if the item seems to be expensive think of the materials used to create the given accessory)- they also spice up your outfit making it look unique; you'll see what I'm talking about soon. 


Now I was asked this by close friends of mine many times, "should I wear a hat or a pair of sunglasses today???" and my usual response is- why not both? Maybe depending on the weather you might not even need a hat or a pair of sunglasses. To be honest, it's really your preference. Speaking of sunglasses, some notable frames are the classic Rayban WayfarersAviatorsClubmasters, and the Round Style. Not only is there Rayban, there's countless brands that manufacture sunglasses of their own. Many different styles as well, but let's save that content for later. Anyways, the perfect pair I'd suggest would be the Clubmasters or Aviators or any relative style (doesn't have to be Rayban) because of their timeless design and simple but elegant appearance. These can easily go with any type of t-shirt or button-up (black, white, striped, polka-dotted, etc..) paired with trouser shorts or sweat shorts and any pair of essential sneakers to create the perfect summer outfit.


Caps are fundamental, trust me. If you're long-haired like I am, you know the struggles of deciding whether to fix your hair before you go out (if you do fix it) or to just grab a hat and leave. Lately, this season has left me with days where I can fix my hair and days where I just wear a hat. A little bit of both, so I'm fine with it. Anyways, back to the main point- there are many different kinds of caps/hats that different people prefer to wear because it matches their type of style or taste and this includes fedoras, baseball caps, top hats, pork pies, beanies, camp caps and etc… Different styles to go with different outfits; colors, logos—you get my point. Particular brands that are ideal for their simple but thoughtful designs are James Perse and Brimz. Now James Perse has very simple color-blocking applied to each of his caps and at a price point of $118 CAD, I'd say it's worth it. With options from 100% Wool, Neoprene and details of Corduroy integrated within trucker hats all giving a one of a kind look, these hats aren't something you'd see everyday, as well as wear. You can say this is an everyday hat because of how universal it fits when worn with most garments. The options they have are all black, black/grey, charcoal/black, navy/black, maroon/black, and army green/black. Not to mention, they also have other selections of men's essentials on their store- I suggest you check it out. Brimz on the other hand, is for those who are willing to drop a bit more money, because it's meant for those who have a taste in class, elegance and genuine craftsmanship but also intend to wear their hats until they're completely worn out. They have a fine selection of fedoras and caps - a vast selection of hats made from many different materials that usually vary from cotton and leather (better to check 'em out in store if you are ever given the chance to). If you're looking for a hat to wear with a blazer, white tee and a pair of trouser shorts, Brimz is the place for you.

Watches & Wallets

Usually, most people would prefer to wear watches daily, while there are those who would rather wear them occasionally (special events, outings, etc..) because the majority of the time, good money was spent on them. There are many watch brands, let me just tell you that, and there are only some remarkable manufacturers that are actually able to provide timepieces with utmost quality that can withstand the most- you're going to want a durable watch. Notable brands I can personally suggest are CitizenDaniel Wellington, and Michael Kors. Timeless and truly exquisite, these watches will complete your stylish and classy look. Citizen is preferred for those who are into a more luxurious taste, while Daniel Wellington is usually preferred for those who are looking for something simple but classy. Michael Kors I suggest for those who are looking for a watch to truly stand out due to their beautiful over-sized dials. With that being said, wallets are also an essential, believe it or not. You need them to hold all of your cards, cash and anything else you keep in your wallet. About brands, there are many different ones. Materials as well, there are various- some are made from leather, cotton, fabric, even paper. Something that looks nice enough to you that holds all of your content appropriately and fits in your pocket is something you should get.

Other accessories

To finish this off, I’ll leave you thinking whether rings and necklaces are essential to one’s closet. Think about it and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

To conclude

Well I hope this helped you think about what essentials you're going to need for this season while we are still in it, or even next season. Don't start thinking about the upcoming season yet- leave that to me, I'll be writing about essentials for the fall and winter season. Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you once again for sticking with me through this journey! Appreciate you all. Feel free to like, share and leave feedback! Stay tuned for more content on the way!

Published by Antonio Velarde