Information technology is a crucial aspect of every business, as the World Wide Web becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, and if you run a business, there are many ways that IT can assist you. Cyber-security is something we all have to consider, and regardless of the size or type of business, data theft is a very real risk for every company. 

Here are just a few of the IT services that can benefit your business.

  • Business Communication – Rather than paying high prices for traditional phone calls, you can integrate your business communication using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which allows real time communication, plus you can video conference globally, with real-time connections. Communication platforms offer huge savings, and by talking to a specialist IT service provider, you can take advantage of a range of affordable communication packages that will save you money and put all key players in your organisation on the same page. VoIP solutions offer every business huge savings, and as every business has unique communication needs, the provider can tailor the service to suit. Office staff, for example, can take advantage of the latest generation of headsets, and all of your sales team can also benefit from VoIP, which allows them to communicate with clients in real time using an Internet Platform, and this cuts your communication costs considerably.

  • Cyber Protection – Data theft happens on a daily basis, as hackers employ a wide range of strategies to steal confidential data, and in order to protect your sensitive data, talk to a provider such as AU IT Services, who offer a comprehensive list of IT services for businesses of all types. Your network needs to be protected at all times, plus your key staff should be educated about safe IT practices. Cyber security experts can carry out penetrative testing, when ethical hackers try to gain access to your critical data, and should they find a weakness, it can be plugged. Cyber security needs to be ongoing, as malicious code is being released onto the Internet on a daily basis, and you simply cannot afford to be the victim of cyber theft.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning – While no one wants to experience a business IT crisis, it can happen, and to have a disaster recovery plan in place allows you to minimise any damage. As a business owner, you should minimise all risks and by putting together a disaster recovery plan, you are covering yourself if you experience an IT crisis. A power outage, for example, could cause your business serious problems, and your IT hardware has a lifespan, and predicting hardware failure can be very beneficial, as you can replace items prior to experiencing a breakdown.

  • Office 365 Migration – The MS Office suite has undergone some changes and with Office 365 migration, your employees are empowered, and by moving all your mailboxes into this integrated system, your workers have more control over mail. Old fashioned mail systems like POP 3 and IMAP are flawed, and with a seamless migration to Office 365, your business will be more efficient.

  • Project Management Services – You might want to switch to a cloud-based accounting system or migrate your mail to Office 365, and whatever the IT project, there are specialist providers who can plan and implement a wide range of IT projects. You could be in need of backup services, and the IT expert can configure an automatic backup system to ensure that all of your data is backed up.

  • IT Asset Management – This ensures that all your workstation PCs are under warranty and regularly maintained, and by logging all devices into the system, you always know what you have and when critical updates become available, your IT asset management will automatically update all devices. Creating a database of all IT hardware ensures that warranties are retained, and should there ever be any issues, they can quickly be resolved by your IT asset management provider.

  • Export All Documentation to Digital Format – This allows you to remove those bulky filing cabinets, and with every document scanned and stored on a dedicated server, your employees can bring up any document on their workstation screen. This saves valuable time, as employees no longer have to search for physical documents, as everything is available to all authorised users at the click of a mouse. Once all documentation has been digitalised, you can shred all paper documents, as they are no longer required, and the IT expert can instruct staff how to scan and store all documents, and with automatic back up on a remote server, all your data is protected at all times.

If you would like to streamline your business processes with any of the above services, an online search will help you locate a leading IT service provider who can assess your organisation and make some recommendations.


Published by Peter Garlow