Travel marketing is tough business, especially when done online. There are only very few more challenging career paths. There is very high competition, and more often than not, competition is sky high. It will do you good to admit that it is beyond difficult to find a surefire way to market your travel agency business that will yield magical results. Because of this, marketing experts in the travel business typically combine more than one strategy to attract their customers and improve their booking rates. In doing so, they are able to make above average profits and the occasional high returns on investments.

The difficulty is running travel agencies is further brought to light when we consider that many travelers now make their travel arrangements on their own online, so your work as a travel agency appears to be kind of like trying to help people who already know how to help themselves.  You will have to do a lot of strategy adjusting if you want to succeed.

Before, you could just focus on raising interest in destination travels or the idea of travel in itself, but now people like us need to concentrate on building brands that are more helpful than most and creating and maintaining connections that matter in other to gain traveler appeal. These strategies listed below should go a long way in helping you achieve your profit goals in your travel agency.

1.Create a Mobile App for Your Agency

There is an app for everything these days, and for good reason. Apps are now the best ways to connect with current affairs around the world on-the go. They are easy to use and very convenient. The world is becoming less patient, and no one wants to have to remember your website when they could just simply tap an icon of their smartphones and get connected. By creating an app for your travel agency, you will be able to connect with adventurers who own smartphones (and how many people in today’s age don’t?). You will be gaining widespread usage and brand awareness if you promote your app well. The following features must not be absent on your app:

  1. Easy to use user interface to enable fast booking for tours, travels and excursions.
  2. Juicy app-only discounts.
  3. Shortcuts to customer service channels. The easier it is to access customer care, the better the experience for your customers.
  4. Non-intrusive information guides.

2.Engage with Customers on Social Media

You need to be as actively involved with customers on social media. Anywhere that people are talking about travelling, you need to show yourself. Engage with potential customers by discussing travel products, sharing experiences and the occasional light banter. Use images, text and videos to spice things up. These will motivate clients to follow you. Give a listening ear and make sure you always take feedback as priority.

3.Keep Things Updated at Your Website

It is very important that your site never becomes dated. Of course you have an app that takes care of things effectively, but there are still many people that will need to use your website. If someone logs on and finds no relevant information, rest assured they will never come back. You need a responsive website that caters to customer needs. In fact, according to, your website should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. There will always be room for improvement in conversion rates and user experience. Give as much attention to visual appeal as optimization. Your website should be able to be accessed seamlessly across device and customers should be able to find your website on search engines, so you might have to consider hiring a pro. Bottom line is, you are most probably losing business if your website is not in good shape.


You need to constantly get the word out there about your agency. Advertise discounts and juicy offers. Put your business on Pop up Stands and message boards. Create and run online campaigns. Talk about choice destinations and generally give intending travelers reasons to want to travel with you.

5.Don’t Ignore Email Marketing

It might seem like the least effective strategy, but it still works. Your email database is one of the assets your travel agency needs to keep exploiting. In some cases, email marketing has more conversions than social media and search query clicks, so leverage on it. Come up with non-spam newsletters and poster boards and send them to subscribers periodically. Well written newsletters have the capacity of driving traffic to your website. You might need to keep revising them so that you may be able to stay trendy. Keep in mind that the people who entered in their emails and clicked that subscribe button decided they want to be hearing from you. Don’t let them go.


Published by Cynthia Madison