Interior design within your home can be a difficult and lengthy process. It means finding the right fixtures, products, and accessories that you like, that all match together and go as a cohesive whole within one room and all fit within the right budget.

If you live in a house with small rooms, trying to find items you like, that match, on a budget that ALSO fit within your small space can make your interior decorating plan seem impossible. With these smart buying and some design tips though, you can really maximize the space that you have.

Light Color Schemes

White and light colors will brighten and make a room welcoming, but they are also well known to create the illusion that a particular space is larger than it actually is, whereas darker colours make a room appear snug and smaller than it is.

When starting any interior design project, it makes sense to make the best start possible choosing paint and products with a color scheme that will make the room appear larger than it is.

Under Stairs Storage

Using the space underneath your stairs, can be a big bonus to free up space elsewhere within your home. There are many articles on the internet which show you great ways to utilize the space under your staircase.

For example, this particular article gives you really creative ideas on how to use the space under your stairs. It shows conventional storage such as drawers and some more unconventional ideas such as a space for your pet and a home office space.

Radiators VS Heated Towel Rails

Within a bathroom, you usually have a radiator and a separate towel rail to hang the towels. Within a small bathroom having a radiator taking up a large area of wall space can make it difficult to design your bathroom around it.

A heated towel rail means that you no longer have a large portion of wall space used by a radiator. There is only one designated area for towels and heat production within your bathroom! As a bonus your towels will also now always be toasty.

There is currently an offer to get 10% off heated towel rails at Trade Radiators for the full month of February.

Utilize Vertical Space

When floor space is limited, you should start to look at what you can do with your wall space. Vertical space doesn’t necessarily need to be just for aesthetic pieces such as art, but for functionality too.

Using your vertical space can be as simplistic as using some shelves where you need them, or some larger more sophisticated storage.

At The Dormy House, they have a selection of vertical storage products. Including large wall storage.

Breakfast Counters

A breakfast counter is a great investment to make when you have a small kitchen, it will give you a designated area for eating, but is much smaller than a dining room table. A breakfast counter also acts as extra counter space.

Published by Elena Tahora