Essentials for Traveling


I am a person who loves adventure. I can’t say that I travel very often, but I can tell you that I know a thing or two about what to bring when traveling! I love traveling! I love observing the new cultures, eating native food, and exploring new places! I just love it all!!! Whether it be road trips, 3 hour plane rides, or a 15 hour plane ride, I can say that the list I am about to share with you will help you a ton!

I will be skipping all the obvious knick knacks, such as tooth brush, t-shirt, floss, etc. because obviously you’re gonna need them. I will be focusing solely on the things that we often don’t think twice about bringing! :)

Plush Neck Pillow!

Even If I am just traveling for 2 hours, I STILL will bring a plush neck pillow! It totally is needed on those harsh plane rides as well as an extra pillow for the car ride! It has definitely saved me so many times on the plane. I got mine from Marshalls for about $14.99. You can find these almost anywhere. Please do not purchase these at the airports, they are over priced.. and can range anywhere from $60-$80.



I don’t get burnt that easily, but its always key to stay well protected from the sun to decrease skin cancer. I used to not wear sunscreen at all, but now it is a crucial part of my routine!

When choosing sun screen stay in the ranges of 25-30 for SPF. Anything over that will ruin your skin. I like the Neutrogena for all over the body, and the Cera-Ve am one for just my face.

Non-Electronic Entertainments

 When traveling, I like to bring entertainment that requires no batteries! Try bringing a book to read, or something to keep you busy other than a labtop or phone. Especially if you are going on a long car ride or an international flight. Your phone/labtop will eventually run out of batteries.

Soduku is one of my favorite puzzles to play to pass the time! It totally is a unique game that sucks up all the time. Its truly addicting and challenging all at once. I bought this Super Soduku puzzle book at Burlington for $2.49. It is filled with pages and pages of Soduku puzzles!


Bring a Cap


I always wear a cap when I am about to get on plane/car ride because I can use it to cover my face when I sleep haha! Yes, we all make ugly faces when we sleep :p



I usually have a small travel sized perfume bottle on me and spray it on myself after I get off the plane/car. I mean, think about it…you’ve been trapped in a vehicle for 5-15 hours, with a bunch of people…..


I don’t know about you, but my hands are ALWAYS dry! Whenever I wash them with soap, they always come out the dryest. I always carry around a travel sized lotion with me, even when I’m back here at home. My personal favorite is the Vaseline intensive care essential healing! It smells so GOOOOOOD!

Back Pack

IMG_4763 (2)

I am not talking about carry-ons, but I am simply talking about a small light back pack that can be in replace of your average purse you carry to the mall. Bringing a small light back pack to carry around is your best bet! You can fit more stuff. When you are in a different city/country/place, you tend to carry more personal stuff such as, phones, cameras, water bottles, chargers, etc. Having a small light back pack will take care of that!

I got my black leather back pack from Forever 21 for $29.99. I don’t recommend it though, because when I do sweat, the leather gets really sticky and wet.

Small Light Blanket/ Long Cozy Sweater

IMG_0276 (3)

I would much rather have a blanket when I am on the plane, but sometimes it might be a hassle. If you are going on an international flight, chances are, they will already have a blanket provided for you. But if you are just on a regular 3-5 hour flight, they will most likely not have a blanket ready for you. The reason why having something warm to cover you is crucial when traveling is because often times it gets cold on the plane since you are higher up in the air. As for car rides, I like blankets because its much more comfortable when you are wanting to sleep lol… its fun haha.

You will usually see me an airplane with an over-sized, long, cozy cardigan, OR a long, cozy cape! It is very versatile, and can be used as a blanket once on the place.

On road trips, I LOOOOOOOVE blankets! They make road trips THAT much more fun! I love to bring blankets that will cover the WHOLE back seat! I am a blanket share-ER. LOL


GIIIIRL….you never know when you will need this little thing. Especially if you are a lipstick wearer! I personally don’t wear lipstick when I am transporting from one state/country to another, but if you are, make sure you keep a mirror on you at ALL times. You never know when that hue is going to make it on to your teeth, cheek, forehead, etc. Aside from that, I also use the mirror to check up on my teeth, just incase there is any food stuck in between…oh yea and please check to see if you have any drool stains/eye and nose boogers LOL.


Old Wisconsin Turkey Sausage Snack Sticks, 8 oz   

For snacks, I like to have a variety to keep my taste buds going. I like to mix in salty snacks, with sugary ones. My Personal favorites are Pringles, turkey smoked jerkey, and gummy warms, oh yea..and GUM!

I love snacking on pringles because they are very light! They do crumble more often, and are a little harder to eat because of the shape, but I love how light and airy they are. A trip would not be complete without jerky!  I mean, c’mon who leaves to go on a trip without packing some jerky? LOL. My favorite ones are the turkey ones on the picture. You can find these at Walmart in the snack section for around 4-5 dollars. I love eating sticky rice with my jerkies. If I am not lazy, I will steam rice the night before, but you know how that always turns out LOL. I also LOOOOOOVE gummy warms, because they are delicious and fun to eat! They will keep me entertained for a good 5 minutes haha.

Gum! Do I even need to explain how useful gum will be to you? LOL!! But I love bringing gum for many reasons. I chew gum on the plane and during long car rides to prevent my ears from popping. I also chew them before I get off the plane to insure that my breath don’t be stankin’ up the whole place haha.


Published by Mai Vue Xiong