Psalm 90 and 1 Cor 15 were the readings at funerals in the first century. Both reveal the same truths: God has placed eternity in our heart [Eccl 3] that we might know and seek what is eternally significant. A second truth is that before God created the world as we know it, God was eternal and He still is so. To us who live in a  24 hr. day we cannot even comprehend that to God it is like a thousand years!  A third truth is that God sees our life like a beautifully crafted tapestry. Each thread creates a picture of our lives from birth to death.

Therefore, even though life is fleeting, we should enjoy and invest wisely in that which will count for eternity.  Because through “the sweat of our brow and painful toil we will eat from the ground all the days of our lives…until we return to the ground.” [Gen 3 paraphrased]  Only our tombstone will recall the life we have lived and even those will decay and the remains below will be forgotten by others.  We all are frail and, like grass, we grow and we wither with the heat of the sun. “We shall surely die and be like water spilled out on the ground.” [2 Sam 14] Sounds a bit morbid if you only stop there---however that is not the end but only the beginning if you are a believer in Christ!

“But let the believer take courage and be comforted. When we move out of this tabernacle, the real man will leave the body and enter into the presence of the Lord.” [Lehman Strauss] it is then that we can reclaim our eternal inheritance reserved in heaven for us. [1 Peter 1]

Have you been born anew so you can claim this promise?  




Published by Gaye Austin