“Your child will follow your example not your advice, so be the best example posssible”

I visited a fine dining restaurant recently and was shocked to see the behaviour of some 5 year olds. They were jumping on the sofas behind us and screeching and shouting thereby causing inconvience to thediners.What shocked me was that the parents didnt even bother to stop them. Moreover they spoke too loudly and rudely to the servers. What we need to learn is that we are all fellow humans so we need to treat each other with respect.

We need to teach the following manners to our kids and not by scolding them but very politely.

✅First and most importantly, to speak politely and softly to everyone from the Principal of the school to the house helpers to the garbage man.

✅To say “Excuse Me” very politely to grab attention.

✅To say “Thank You” on receiving something.

✅Practice dining etiquette at home.

✅Before leaving the house for dinner tell your kids what behaviour you expect of them at the restaurant. If they are too young, tell them to follow how you conduct yourself at the restaurant.

✅If your kids misbehave please dont shout at them in front of everyone because what stresses out fellow diners more is stressed out parents more than loud children.Politely explain your children by taking them to the restroom and if they dont listen prepare yoursleves to leave. Your fellow diners will appreciate your consideration if you ask nicely to pack your dinner and go home.

After all good manners are all about being polite and considerate towards others and also handling situations calmly and politely.

✅Always explain how important it is to say please and thank you to the servers on making a request by doing the same and also thank the restaurant host/hostess at the end of the meal.


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