First of all - This article will not reveal which way I am voting. This is an impartial guide to the EU Referendum from all the information I have gathered. I will be voting in the Referendum on the 23rd, but I won't share which way I am voting. To start with you need to be registered to vote. If you aren't then you are too late for this particular vote, but it's still important to vote if you want your say in what happens.

The EU referendum is a simple vote that has been thrown around everywhere and made it confusing for the little people like me. It all boils down to voting whether you want to remain in the European Union or leave it. So many people may be trying to sway you and not everything you read or hear is true. 

You cannot take Facebook - or any social media as a valid source of information. For example, just because Dave from the pub has shared a picture of a British flag and said voting leave will get rid of all the immigrants, does not mean it is true. (No offense to any Daves from the pub!)  You need to do some serious research to be able to make a viable decision. This guide hopes to do this for you. I have done all the leg work, and trawled the internet as well as read each leaflet etc I have received for both sides of the argument. Please feel free to check the sources provided for any further information. Another pointer, please don't blindly vote the same way as your favourite celebrity unless you actually want to vote that way. I've seen so much on Twitter where celebs have said which way they are voting and people have replied saying they are voting that way because the celeb is. Just remember that most of these celebrities are rich and probably won't be affected either way! Whereas it will affect us little people immensely. 

Reasons to stay IN the EU:
Sources | EU Referendum Guide provided by the Goverment| BBC News

Research Funding
The UK is the second largest beneficiary to recieve funding from the EU. The British Goverment wants to continue this and spread it out through the top universities and companies dedicated to different research projects. 

Whilst in the EU, Britain doesn't have to do any of the legwork when it comes to trading. If we vote out, Britain would have to negotiate with the rest of the world on its own to come to a deal in terms of trading. With the EU being the largest market, Britain separate from the rest of the EU would become a lower priority. 

Freedom to work/travel/study abroad
First of all whilst we are in the EU, driving licenses are valid in the UK and all through the EU. You can work and study in the EU easily, and more than 14000 students took part in exchanges in 2012/13.

Equal Pay
Because of a law set for the EU, women and men are all paid equally. The law does not allow discrimination when it comes to pay. This benefits British people not only in Britain, but British people who live in different parts of the EU. 

Consumer Clout
According to Pro-Europa, whilst we are in the EU we benefit from lower mobile roaming charges, lower credit card fees, cheaper flights, and proper compensation when flights are delayed or cancelled. They believe that Britain could not offer all this if they leave the EU. 

Reasons to vote OUT of the EU: 
Sources: EU Referendum Guide provided by the Government | | Vote Leave Guide 

Membership Fees
Britain pays a 'membership cost' to be a part of the EU. Per annum, the net contribution of this is £6.7 billion, and rising. The politicians on the Leave side believe this could be spent elsewhere, for example the NHS. 

Campaign for an Independent Britain argue that Britain has surrendered control of the borders to the EU. If we vote out, we could regain this control and limit immigration, prioritising  commonwealth citizens (anyone who was born in Britain basically) over EU citizens with little links to the UK. 

According to all of the sources, whilst the UK is in the EU, Brussels is in charge. All the decisions about EU relations are made my Brussels, and everything has a 'blueprint' as to how it has to be, which makes it more likely to go wrong. It is argued that without the EU, Britain would be free to make its own decisions. 

The world has evolved
The world is more networked and interdependent than it has ever been. The most successful of the societies are the ones that in control of themselves. Essentially if other places can do it, why can't we? 

The Vote Remain 'team' claim that 3 million jobs depend on the EU. According to the Vote Leave campaign this is a scare tactic, and there is no actual evidence of this. They also believe wages will go up if we leave the EU. 


So there is 5 of the main reasons for each option. I hope this has helped you come to a clearer decision on which way you will be voting in the referendum. 

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Published by Danielle Kirk