Such a long day, left home at 6.30 am in the morning of the 27/7/16 here in country Victoria.  Arrived at the airport at 9.30 and went and found somewhere I was able to charge my phone and have a cuppa and something to eat.  Had to wait till 12.30 pm to check in so it was a bit of a wait.  Went to Hudson’s right next to the International airport and began to sit it out.  The young guy next to me started chatting, he was from the states and was waiting for his flight to Perth where he would then do a trek over the Nullabor Plains with some friends.

That 3 hours went so quickly as we chatted.  Thank you to whoever you are🙂

Checked in and noticed I had been put in a different seat so I text Paula so when they checked in at Perth they could be near me.  Yes they left hours after me from Perth!

My flight to Singapore was amazing.   Arrived before the girls so I wandered around the airport, used the toilets.  Can I just say ‘CLEAN’…VERY CLEAN…you could eat off the floor.

Finally the girls came through the gates and we hugged and laughed and then went and had a cuppa till our flight to Zurich was to leave.  They were given new seats, however not next to me.  We were on an airbus and we were upstairs.

The flight attendants allowed Paula and Muriel to come and sit with me as I had 2 spare seats right next to me.

We ate, we watched movies, we slept.  A 12 hour flight that wasn’t that bad!

We were on our way, 2 weeks of fun, laughter and lots to see and do, eat and drink.  We had places to visit and people to meet!!

Published by Bree Dixon