......Day 3 

       9:00 am, fly to Munich...

10:00: am, Arrive in Munich.

Obviously,  my family and I didn't just stay in the airport. Here's what we actually did:

Day 1

 The flight was only 40min, the airport is in the middle of nowhere, which meant a LONG metro ride . Although spending more  time on the metro  to the hotel than on the flight sucked, we still had pretty much the entire afternoon. What did we do? We spent it in the Deutsches Museum.

 Doesn’t look too impressive?….

Yep, it’s the entire compound. Deutsches (German) Museum is actually kind of a misnomer because the museum was not about German history or culture but about German science. Then again, science is history and culture for Germany. It had displays ranging from historic aircraft to instruments to biotech and mining. The museum was was absolutely massive so we only got to go to 7-6 exhibits, but even that took almost 3 hrs. Note: during summer months, some of the exhibits are closed and there is pretty heavy construction around the building.

That night, we walked around the city center and dined with one of my dad’s former class mates (more on that later)


This is the central plaza. We also went to the place where Hitler held his big Munich rally and the Church of St. Peter. We were going to climb the tower, but someone had a heart attack or something and they closed it for “emergency”. Sorry about the lack of photos, it started raining for a bit after the picture above.

IMG_8173 After walking wsa dinner at the Hofbrauhaus.

Day 2

About 1.5-2(depending on traffic) hours outside of Munich is the Nymphenburg Castle. This castle was built starting in 1869 by the last Bavarian king Ludwig II. A good portion of the design was never completed, but it was still beautiful:

20160803_131918_resized His kingly view of the village

20160803_151906_resized_1 20160803_152043_resized_1

There are also many hiking trails in the back, but we didn’t have that kind of time. To be honest, the castle was nothing too special and there were thousands of tourist, leading to an epic queue to get in. Fortunately, my dad ordered tickets online. I suggest going to the castle to look at it, take a few pics, then spend the rest of the time hiking and enjoying the scenery.

There was a bit of a traffic jam on the way back so we didn’t get back until 7 that evening. Everyone was pretty pooped, so we didn’t do anything else.

Day 3

Last day in Europe! Of course we had to cram the most possible touring into the limited amount of time. The flight wasn’t until 10pm but we agreed to go to my dad’s classmate’s house for dinner at 5. Well, where to go:

First the BMW museum/ world

 BMW world

Essentially a huge car display of the BMW group. I didn’t lear much except that commercial motorcycles can go up to 280kmph, the i8 is WAY more awesome than I expected and that BMW owns Rolls-Royce and minicooper.

IMG_8300 BMW museum

The museum was much more informative. I never knew there was so much to learn about a single car brand. We were going to tour the factory across the street, but Germans get summer vacation. I highly recommend the museum and world to anyone, whether they are into cars or not.

As it so happens the BMW complex is literally across the street from Olympia park. The park was huge, but the actual staduim was closed and most of it was turned into an amusement park😦 It was still interesting to see the wonders of German engineering

IMG_8204 That was built in 1976!!!!!!

Since we didn’t spend much time in the park, we still had a couple of hours to spare. I am a HUGE WWII freak so naturally, we just had to go to Dachau. I wasn’t disappointed. The exhibits gave an entire overview of  the western front from an entirely different perspective. The only regret is that we didn’t have more time. Naturally, we didn’t take pictures inside. After that, it was dinner at the classmate’s house and to the airport.

Well, that’s it for Munich!

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