Many of you may have realised over the past few weeks I have been doing some articles on European cities, and that is mostly due to the fact that in just over a months time I will be travelling to Europe for a months long adventure taking in some brilliant breathtaking locations whilst on a 19 day Contiki with some added time in London before and after the trip.

So in saying that I thought I would take the time to put together an article explaining the trip, the route it takes including locations, a little about the type of contiki it is as well as what I am looking forward to. My Airline of choice for the trip, Singapore Airlines, a number of things swayed me on this decision over flying with Emirates or another airline. I am a Virgin Velocity member in which flying with Singapore will allow me to earn frequent flyer miles under their partnership, I also read a number of reviews and talked to fellow travellers who have flown with them before highly recommending them. Landing in London's Heathrow Airport, I have two nights there prior to the Contiki commencing and the Contiki's route is as follows:

This particular contiki is known as a Discovery Plus tour in which allows you to get the most out of your time, offers more choice, more destinations and more iconic landmarks, with this particular trip having a two night stay in each of its cities which was a big must for me when choosing a European contiki especially with the travel times between each location roughly varying between 4-6 hours.

As I said earlier about my 2 nights prior in London I am also staying 5 nights on return from Paris which will allow me to be back in London for the opening round of the English Premier League season, something that I am very much looking forward to experiencing as I am a massive sporting fan and cant wait to experience the die-hard football fans over in England, not to mention the vast landmarks and museums London has to offer aswell.

You may have seen from past articles that I have an entrenched family history in the Australian Army, so any chance I get to see a location that has war history I jump at the chance. This is what makes me so excited about visiting not only the Imperial War Museum in London but also areas such as Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and Dachau Concentration Camp on the way to Munich especially seeing as my grandfather was an ex-p.o.w. and captured by the Germans during the Second World War. So not only will those areas bring significance but being in Berlin, a city with so much war-torn history and divide will bring a great cultural experience and one that I am very much looking forward to being apart of.

Our journey also gives us a special stopover in Lucerne at the footsteps of the Swiss Alps where we stay at an old renovated prison which will be something out of the ordinary but also something a little different from staying in normal hotels.

Finally our tour heads to Paris before concluding in London, one of the most beautiful places and amazing cultures in Europe which is what I am most looking forward to experiencing, not to mention the vast eateries and different food Paris has to offer. As I have written before I love travelling with Contiki as it enables you to et a taste of different countries and locations, which makes me super excited for this trip to find out what I like and where I would like to go back to in the future, you will be able to follow my journey on the many platforms that I am on so make sure you have liked JM Travel Blog on either Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Instagram to stay up to date with all my adventures.

Published by Jackson Mahoney